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Secure Passcode within our mobile app

What is a Secure Passcode?

Secure Passcode is an extra layer of security and can be found within your mobile app. An extra layer of security is required alongside your password when you're logged into Skipton Online to carry out certain activities, such as setting up a withdrawal to a new nominated bank account or changing your personal details. You will be asked to enter the six-digit Secure Passcode from your mobile app where necessary.

How do I generate a Secure Passcode?

  1. Open the mobile app on your device.
  2. Log in using your fingerprint, face or PIN.
  3. Go to 'More' then 'Secure Passcode'.
  4. You will get a six-digit code which will last for 30 seconds and then refresh. Enter it into Skipton Online to continue.

Important information

If you have your app installed on two devices, for security reasons, the Secure Passcode feature will only be available on one of them. You can manage which device has the Secure Passcode within Skipton Online 'Mobile App' section.

Watch our video demo

Things to consider

  • Each code lasts for 30 seconds. If you run out of time, you can generate another Secure Passcode.
  • If you put in the wrong six-digit Secure Passcode, you can generate another. You'll have three attempts to enter a code before you're locked out from Skipton Online.

If you'd like help with Secure Passcode, start a web chat or call us on 0345 702 5026.

Keeping you safe online

We take online security very seriously so we use two-factor authentication. This means we rely on more than passwords and memorable information for some activities.

You can find out more about how we keep you safe online in our SAFE Hub.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, for your security we allow your Secure Passcode to be registered to only one device at a time. While you can use the app on two devices, the Secure Passcode feature will only be available on one of them.

You can manage your registered devices by logging into Skipton Online.

To move your Secure Passcode you will need to first remove the device that it is currently activated on by logging into your account on Skipton Online and choosing “Mobile app” from the main menu. You can then register the app on a new device and your Secure Passcode will automatically be assigned to that device.

Alternatively, if you already have the app installed on another device, you can activate Secure Passcode on that device after you have removed your first device. Simply log into the app, navigate to the Secure Passcode menu option, and follow the instructions on screen.

You don't need to use this when making payments to your account(s), or for logging into Skipton Online or the mobile app.

You won't need it for any activities within the app, but you will need to use it for certain activities in Skipton Online, including:

  • Updating your personal details.
  • Adding new nominated accounts for savings accounts.
  • Withdrawing money to your nominated account(s).

We have an alternative to the Secure Passcode which is a One-Time Code. This acts your extra layer of security.

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