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Whether you’re a first time buyer, moving to your next home, re-mortgaging or looking for better ways to manage your mortgage, we’re here to help.

Popular mortgage questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked by our customers.

Before you take out your mortgage, it’s important to understand the whole cost including which rate your mortgage will move onto when your current deal ends.

The three main variable rates our product deals move onto are either our Mortgage Variable Rate (MVR), a Standard Variable Rate (SVR), or our Base Rate Tracker (BRT). These rates may change by different amounts at different times.

There may be a difference between your current rate and MVR, SVR or BRT, meaning your monthly payments could increase when your current deal ends. If you’re unsure about whether your product deal moves onto our MVR, SVR or BRT at the end of your initial deal period, you can find this information in your mortgage offer.

Keeping an eye on these rates will help you to stay informed and prepare for any potential changes to your payments.

Find out more about Skipton Variable Rates.

Depending on your mortgage product, there may be restrictions on the maximum amount you can overpay, either by regular overpayments or as a lump sum, in one year without incurring an Early Repayment Charge. You can usually repay a fixed percentage of your original mortgage balance per year without charge. For more details, see your mortgage account summary in the Skipton app or on Skipton Online, or refer to the details in your mortgage offer.

If you are making lump sum overpayments, these may trigger a recalculation of your monthly repayment amount.

Debit card lump sum payment

You can make a lump sum card payment by calling us on 0345 850 1711.

Bank transfer

It is possible to make a bank transfer for an overpayment using the details below:

  • Account holder name: Your full name
  • Sort code: 20-78-91
  • Account number: 70798924
  • Reference: Your 9-digit mortgage account number

Please note, if you don’t enter your 9-digit mortgage account number as the reference, the payment will be returned.

Regular Direct Debit overpayment

If you would like to regularly overpay, we can arrange to increase your Direct Debit amount. Simply call us on 0345 850 1711, speak to us on web chat or send us a Secure Message.

Just let us know how much you would like to pay each month and when you’d like this to take place. We can then arrange for the payment to be increased.

Standing Order overpayments

If you would like to make regular overpayments by standing order then call us on 0345 850 1711 to discuss.

Overpayment from a Skipton Savings Account

If you would like to make a lump sum payment or set up regular overpayments from a Skipton Savings Account in your name, you can do this by logging onto Skipton Online or calling us on 0345 850 1711.

If you are using Skipton Online, please call us or check your mortgage offer to ensure any payments do not exceed any overpayment allowance you may have.

If you’ve had a mortgage with us for at least the last 6 months, you may be eligible to borrow up to 95% of the value of your home (75% for Buy to Let customers). This depends on the type of mortgage you hold and is subject to affordability requirements.

You should consider whether other forms of borrowing are more suitable for you, as any money we lend through additional borrowing will be secured against your property and your overall mortgage balance will increase.

To find out more, please visit our additional borrowing page.

Additional Borrowing

If you already pay your mortgage by Direct Debit, you may have noticed that your payment doesn’t always leave your account on the exact due date.

This is because of the time it takes for the Direct Debit to be processed after we have requested the payment and the times when the Direct Debit date falls over a weekend and/or Bank Holiday.

To read more on Direct Debits, visit our Direct Debit mandate and schedule page.

Direct Debit mandate and schedule


You can complete our Direct Debit Mandate form online. Once we receive it, we'll set up the Direct Debit and let you know when it's done.

Direct Debit Mandate

Call us

You can amend a Direct Debit over the phone by calling our Mortgage and Retention team on 0345 850 1711, or via web chat.


Download the Direct Debit mandate PDF and return to the address shown in the form.

Direct Debit Mandate [PDF]
  1. We will send you an email to confirm your Decision in Principle has been accepted.
  2. You will have 30 days to have an offer accepted on the property you are buying to submit your full mortgage application. Our mortgage advisers can complete a full mortgage application with you over the phone or via video appointment. You'll find details of how to book a mortgage appointment in your email from us.

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