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Retirement Planning

Retirement could be the most rewarding period of your life. Although the strength of your financial plans will go a long way to shaping it.

Wherever you are on your retirement journey, we’re here to help. Our personalised financial advice could take you a step closer to achieving your goals.

We could review your plans, discuss what you want to do and explore ways of growing your money. So you can feel more confident of experiencing the retirement you deserve.

I need help pension planning

There are some brilliant tax incentives for saving into a pension. We could review if you’re making the most of your pension opportunities.

Pension planning

I'm planning for retirement

To give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals, it really pays to prepare. We could assess your plans and check if there’s any gaps.

Planning for retirement

I'm approaching retirement

The decisions you make with your pensions and savings could affect the rest of your life. We could build a personalised retirement income strategy for your goals.

Approaching retirement

I'm already retired

Hopefully your retirement will last for decades. Our advice could help you make the most of your wealth to support your lifestyle.

Already retired

How much money do you need to get advice from Skipton?

This service is available if you can invest or reinvest at least £20,000, or can commit to investing at least £500 per month. If you’d like advice on your current investments/pensions, the minimum value required is £50,000.

Please note:

A pension is a long term investment and your Capital is at Risk. Your eventual income will depend upon the size of the fund at retirement, future interest rates and tax legislation.

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