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Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly payments, change the repayment term or maybe borrow more money, there are lots of reasons why remortgaging with Skipton could be right for you.

Why remortgage with Skipton

  • Additional borrowing

    Thinking about making home improvements? You might be eligible to borrow more on your mortgage.

  • Free mortgage valuation

    There is no charge for a mortgage valuation where the property is worth less than £1.5 million.

  • Fee assisted legal fees

    We also offer fee assisted legal fees on selected products (additional legal fees may apply in some circumstances).

  • Switch in advance

    Our mortgage switching window begins six months before maturity.

  • Award-winning provider

    We’re proud to have been recognised for the work we do to help our customers own homes of their own.

  • 1 million members

    Today, we're a good place for over one million savers and borrowers. Could we help you too?

How does remortgaging work?

Remortgaging is moving from one mortgage deal to another, this could be with your current lender or with a new lender. This usually happens when your current mortgage deal ends, but you can remortgage at any time.

However, you should be aware that most mortgages come with an Early Repayment Charge which would need to be paid if you remortgage before the end of your deal.

Remortgage Conveyancing Service

  • Usually you won't have to pay anything for the standard legal costs if you're moving your mortgage to us but not moving home or changing the owners of the property
  • We instruct the conveyancer to act on our behalf and it's fee assisted to a maximum loan amount of £1,000,000
  • Register for our online Remortgage Customer portal to keep up to date with your remortgage
  • Remember to provide your email address with your application to receive details on how to register.

For more information on our Remortgage Conveyancing Service, please visit the FAQs section at the end of this page.

Find a mortgage

Our easy to use mortgage finder will show you a selection of our latest mortgage products which could be right for you. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions, then leave our mortgage finder to do all the leg work for you!

Before you begin...

  • If you are looking for mortgages we offer as part of the Shared Ownership schemes, First Homes England scheme or Scottish home ownership schemes you will need to visit our Government Schemes page.
  • Our mortgages are not available in Northern Ireland.
You could lose your home if you don’t keep up your mortgage repayments. The Skipton Home Conveyancing service, standard valuation and most Buy to Let mortgages aren’t regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where your chosen product allows you may use our Remortgage Conveyancing Service, meaning we will pay for the basic conveyancing work. As a lender, we need to ask our conveyancers to assess the legal title to the property and have the necessary legal documents prepared. The remortgage work is undertaken by our conveyancers on a ‘reduced title check' basis, which we consider sufficient to assess its security.

There are some scenarios which are not suitable for our Remortgage Conveyancing Service:

  • Current mortgage is compliant with Sharia law
  • Property which is not yet registered with HM Land Registry
  • Help To Buy where the loan remaining is outstanding
  • Personal Charge in place on the property title, or one to be added
  • Involvement of a trust
  • Property being inherited.

The conveyancing for a remortgage, using the Remortgage Conveyancing Service, will take an average 21 working days upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, mortgage offer from Skipton and a signed Mortgage and any other documents needed.

Where your chosen product allows, you may use our Remortgage Conveyancing Service, meaning we will pay for the basic conveyancing work.

If you choose not to use our Remortgage Conveyancing Service, you must choose your own conveyancer and pay for these services yourself.

The fees paid by Skipton cover for the following work to be carried out;

  • Obtaining and checking Land Registry information on the property
  • Obtaining a redemption figure from your existing lender
  • Set up completion and request your funds
  • Update Land Registry with details of your new mortgage
  • Buildings insurance checks in line with the Mortgage offer
  • Enhanced identity verification and Due Diligence (Buy To Let only)
  • Tenancy agreement checks (Buy To Let only)

There may be additional legal fees payable, such as;

  • Transfer of surplus funds on completion
  • Transfer of Equity (addition or removal of name on the property register)
  • Help to Buy repayment
  • Shared Equity/Shared Ownership work
  • Handling notices/restrictions on the property register
  • Satisfying requirements for Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor mortgage
  • Dealing with third parties
  • Dealing with additional land
  • Request for outstanding balances for additional borrowing
  • Postponement of a charge on the property register
  • Satisfying Solar Panel Lease requirements
  • Unencumbered properties
  • Third party gifting funds

A full list of additional fees will be supplied by the conveyancer as part of their initial documentation. Your conveyancer will advise you of any additional fees applicable to you if/when they arise.

Please note, there may be instances where you require additional work which our conveyancer cannot carry out, for example where Power of Attorney or Grant of Probate involved. In these circumstances you may need to instruct your own conveyancer to process the remortgage conveyancing.

If at any time your remortgage falls through, you won't have to pay any standard legal fees, but disbursements (payments to third parties) relating to your case and any additional fees for services not covered by the basic legal fees may still have to be paid.

You should be aware that deeds production fees, early repayment charges or other administration fees requested by your existing lender(s) are not legal fees and must be paid by you if applicable, before or upon completion.

When we receive a remortgage application with a valid email address, as soon as the remortgage application is assessed, the case is allocated to a panel firm who will automatically email you inviting you to access the online portal. This enables you to access the required documents early in the remortgage process.

If you have opted to use our Remortgage Conveyancing Service and supplied a valid email address on the remortgage application, you will automatically get an email to invite you to use the online portal.

The email may have been delivered to your Junk Inbox. If you don’t receive the email invite, you will need to check your offer to find out who your conveyancer is and contact them, confirm your email address and request for the email invitation to be re-sent.

We would encourage you to use the portal as this can help speed up the conveyancing process. However, if you don’t provide a valid email address then you will not be automatically invited to join the portal and the conveyancer will issue an initial pack by post. If you have provided an email address but don’t want to use the portal you will need to contact the conveyancer directly to inform them.

No, only you will be invited and be able to register to use the portal.

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