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Transferring funds on our app

Our step by step guide

Our app Transfer & Pay screen

Step 1 - Select an account

Once you are logged in to our app, you then need to select 'Transfer and Pay' from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and tap on the account you want to move funds from or to.

You will now need to select the option 'Transfer between my accounts'.

Our app internal transfer screen

Step 2 - Select the type of transfer, the amount and a date

At this point, you will need to select either 'Move money to this account' or 'Transfer to another account', depending on where you want to move your funds to.

Then you need to select the account you want to use and enter the amount you wish to transfer and the date you want the transfer to happen on.

Our app internal transfer confirmation screen

Step 3 - Review the transfer

You will now need to check that the amount you have entered and the date you selected are correct.

If you are happy, simply select confirm.

If you need to amend any details, simply go back.

Step by step guide

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Keeping you safe online

We take online security very seriously so we use two-factor authentication. This means we rely on more than passwords and memorable information for some activities.

You can find out more about how we keep you safe online in our SAFE Hub.

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