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Our Customer Panel

Have your say

By joining our panel and telling us what you think, you’re helping us create products and services that are genuinely useful – not just because we think they are – but because you say they are.

What's involved?

  • We might ask you to take part in research, but only if we believe it’s relevant to you
  • You’ll receive up to four newsletters a year about the difference your feedback is making and about our current research
  • We’ll usually get in touch by email.

How the panel has helped

Panel members have had the opportunity to provide feedback on a wide range of topics, including the way we communicate and new product ideas.

For example, they have shared their knowledge of the personal savings allowance and ISAs to help us to ensure we’re providing useful and relevant information about our savings accounts. They have also provided feedback which has helped us to develop our TV advertising.

The input we receive from the panel is vital in helping us to continuously improve all aspects of the organisation.

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