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Member Panel Terms and Conditions

Purpose of the panel

We’re continuously working to improve the service we provide our members and launch new products to meet their needs. Having access to a panel of over 19,000 members willing to give us feedback on new ideas and initiatives means that we can make further enhancements during their development and, ultimately, develop better solutions.

Membership of the panel

If you’re aged 18 or over, hold £1 or more with us in a savings account, or have a mortgage with us, you’re a member of the Society and can join our growing Member Panel. If you cease to be a member of Skipton Building Society we will remove you from the panel. Otherwise, membership will continue unless you ask to leave the panel. You can leave at any time by emailing

By agreeing to join the panel you agree that Skipton Building Society can use the results of research exercises, including your ideas, to feed into the development and improvement of Skipton Building Society’s products, service and communications. Any information you provide about yourself will be used for research purposes only, and not for sales or marketing. The panel will be operated in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

Rewards for participating

At our sole discretion, we may offer rewards or entry into free prize draws for participation in research. Terms and conditions for these or any other incentives will be clearly outlined at the time of offer.

How Skipton Building Society will use, share and keep your personal data

We (Skipton Building Society) are the data controller responsible for the safe-keeping of your data which will be used to:

  • manage your membership of the Member Panel and analyse survey responses to understand your and other members’ needs and circumstances, what you like about Skipton Building Society and any improvements you think could be made
  • provide updates on the outcome of the research and how this has been implemented
  • administer prize draws or other incentives outlined in your invitation, including notifying the winner by email or phone, and asking them to confirm acknowledgement of being selected as the winner.

We use a unique personal identifier to link your survey responses to other information we hold about you. We do this for analysis purposes and for administering the prize draws or incentives. If you provide information about an impairment, disability or long-term condition this will be held for up to two years, with your permission. After this time the data will be deleted and any survey responses anonymised. All other survey data will be anonymised after 6 years.

Member Panel surveys are hosted on a secure site ('’) by a third-party provider called Snap Surveys, and you will not be asked to provide any information that identifies you directly when taking part in surveys.

Your rights

For more information about how we use your personal data, who we share it with and why, how long we keep it, the lawful bases that apply, your rights and how to exercise them please refer to our Data Privacy Notice at, ask at your local branch, call us on 0345 850 170 or write to the Data Protection Officer at the address below.

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