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We're making managing your accounts online easier than ever, with our app and Skipton Online. You can now manage your savings and mortgages anytime, anywhere you like.

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Access your accounts anywhere, anytime

Experience the freedom of managing your accounts at home, or on the go, with Skipton Online and our app.

You'll need to sign up for Skipton Online before you can use the app.

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Manage your savings accounts

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can easily manage your savings accounts on both the app and Skipton Online. We offer a range of features which include:

  • view account balances
  • transfer funds
  • view maturity dates on fixed term accounts
  • open savings accounts*

*open selected accounts on the app

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Stay on top of your mortgage

Always be in the know with your mortgage, whether you're on the go or at home. Simply login and you can view your:

  • mortgage balance
  • payment details
  • remaining term
  • early repayment charges
  • overpayment allowance

Compare our app & Skipton Online

Features for accounts with online access Our app Skipton Online
Secure login Yes Yes
View account balances & interest details Yes Yes
View maturity dates on fixed term savings accounts Yes Yes
Transfer money between savings accounts Yes Yes
View mortgage balance, payment details & remaining term Yes Yes
See up to 2 years' mortgage transaction history Yes Yes
View Early Repayment Charge details Yes Yes
View overpayment allowances Yes Yes
Open selected savings accounts Yes Yes
Read & send secure messages Yes Yes
Manage communication preferences Yes Yes
Generate a Secure Passcode Yes No
View annual & electronic payment statements for savings accounts No Yes
See up to 3 years' savings transaction history No Yes
Give maturity instructions for fixed term savings accounts No Yes
View interest statements for tax returns No Yes
View annual mortgage statements No Yes
Manage personal details No Yes

Already a Skipton Online customer?

If you're already signed up for Skipton Online, you can simply download our app today.

Download on the App Store Download on the Google Play Store

If not, you need to sign up to Skipton Online before you can use our app.

Opened a branch account with us?

Some of our savings accounts have limited features in Skipton Online and on the app. If you have a branch account that doesn't have online access, you are able to do the following:

  • view your recent transaction history
  • view your paying in options

Step by step guides

Frequently asked questions

We take online security very seriously and use two-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security, which means we rely on more than passwords and memorable information for some activities. Your extra layer of security can be either your Secure Passcode within our app or your One-Time Code.

You don’t need to use this when logging into Skipton Online or our app, or making a payment into your account(s). You only need to use it for certain activities including:

  • Withdrawing money
  • Transferring money
  • Changing your personal details
  • Setting up a new nominated account to withdraw to

When you sign up for our online services, you'll be asked to choose between a Secure Passcode (for our app users only) or a One-Time Code as your extra layer of security.

An extra layer of security is something you'll need to use when you carry out certain activities online e.g. making a withdrawal or changing your address.

You'll have three attempts to enter both the One-Time Code and the Secure Passcode before you're locked out of Skipton Online

One-Time Code

A One-Time Code is a code which we send to you via text message, to your nominated phone number (this can be a landline number). It will expire after 3 minutes. If you put in the wrong five-digit code in, or if it has expired, you can request another.

Secure Passcode

The Secure Passcode is a six-digit code generated within the app, which lasts for 30 seconds. If you put in the wrong six-digit Secure Passcode, you can generate another.

There are a couple of ways you might have locked your account.

If you’ve entered your login details incorrectly in Skipton Online:

You will then get the option to unlock your account using your Secure Passcode in our app, or the One-Time Code feature.

If neither of these security methods are available to you, you’ll need to call 0345 266 0978, or web chat with our team so we can unlock your account.

If you’ve entered your six-digit PIN incorrectly in our app:

You can unlock within the app using your login details for Skipton Online.

If you are locked out of the app and Skipton Online at the same time:

You will need to call us on 0345 266 0978, or you can speak to us on web chat so we can help you get back online.

Our app contains our main form of two factor authentication, Secure Passcode, which is designed to keep your accounts safe.

Whilst we do encourage as many customers as possible to install this, we do understand not everyone has the means or desire to use our app.

As such, we have an alternative called One-Time Code which sends a text message or an automated telephone call to verify any withdrawals or changes to your account.

To find out more about how this works, visit our One-Time Code page.

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Keeping you safe online

We take online security very seriously so we use two-factor authentication. This means we rely on more than passwords and memorable information for some activities.

You can find out more about how we keep you safe online in our SAFE Hub.

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