Our environment

We set ourselves challenging goals so we can limit our impact on the environment.

Developing our environmental policy

In 2017 we recycled 95% of our waste and we’ll continue to encourage colleagues to recycle by making it even easier:

  • Our recycling goes beyond bottles, cans and paper. We regularly donate office equipment we no longer need to schools, community groups and charities.
  • We’ve installed energy efficient LED lighting in branches and head office and tap water sensors to conserve water.
  • We’ve implemented an energy saving computer programme that shuts down all non-critical computers left on overnight which will reduce our energy consumption and CO2 output.
  • Our Liftshare scheme encourages colleagues to car share their journeys to and from work.

Future focus

  • In 2018 we’ll continue to develop our environmental policy, by striving to help the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • We’re carrying out feasibility studies on the most effective vehicle charge point for ultra-low emission cars in our head office car park.
  • We’ll aim to maintain our recycling at around 95% making it easier for colleagues to recycle.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report

Click here to download our latest CSR report for 2018.

CSR Report

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