Our environment

We believe it's important for us to be a sustainable society and considerate of environmental issues. Our members and colleagues tell us they think this too.

So we’ve set ourselves some challenging goals that will allow us to minimise our impact on the environment in the here and now, so we can focus on developing our long term environmental strategy.

What we're doing right now

Our recycling goes well beyond bottles, cans and paper. We regularly donate office equipment we no longer need to schools, community groups and charities.

We’ve also installed energy efficient LED lighting in all our branches and tap water sensors at our head office to conserve water.

When our computers aren’t in use, they shut themselves down, helping us to reduce energy consumption and CO2 output. We also have a lift share scheme to encourage colleagues to car share their journeys to and from work, which complements our cycle-to-work scheme. Feasibility studies are also currently underway to find the most effective vehicle charging points for ultra-low emission cars for our head office car park.

Future Focus

We’re currently reviewing a variety of areas that will help us become more environmentally friendly in the future. Top of the agenda are single-use plastics, ease of recycling, renewable energy, reducing our carbon footprint and going paperless.

Sustainability Report

Click here to download our latest Sustainability Report for 2019.

Sustainability Report

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