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Our charity partnership - Mental Health UK

We believe in doing more for our customers and communities.

As part of that commitment, we run a charity partnership programme where we work together with important causes. We’re going beyond helping people with their finances. Through the programme, we’re looking to support our chosen charity partner and help build a better Society. Our charity partnerships are about far more than fundraising. We want to give more people access to good places to discuss mental health.

Mental Health UK

In January 2020, we partnered with Mental Health UK and we've extended our partnership until the end of 2024. Our mission has been to support our people, customers and communities by giving more people access to good places to discuss mental health.

The charity has seen an unprecedented increase in demand for its services since 2020. So far, we’ve raised over £500,000 for Mental Health UK through our partnership, some of these funds are helping them to grow Clic, an online peer support community which works to help reduce the loneliness and isolation of people experiencing poor mental health.

Mental Health UK

Mental Health UK Logo


Clic’s online community is brought to you by Mental Health UK. Here is some more information about the service:

  • allows you to speak safely and openly about how you’re feeling
  • has a wealth of mental health resources, advice and information for you to use and share
  • provides a safe environment where you can post anonymously about how you’re feeling and connect with others with shared experiences
  • has helped thousands of people feel less isolated
  • it is managed 24/7 to help anyone at any time.

Clic online community

Clic logo

Mental health help and support

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