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Mortgage membership service

Retain a mortgage balance with Skipton and continue to enjoy some great benefits. If you are close to paying off your mortgage you may want to consider leaving a balance of £150* in your mortgage account so you can continue to benefit from:

  • Membership and voting rights

  • Free storage of your Title Deeds. If we already hold them free of charge, we will continue to do so;

    These would ordinarily be returned to you on redemption and arranging safe-keeping of them elsewhere could incur unnecessary cost for you. (Free storage only applies to mortgages completed prior to 13 October 2003).

  • No redemption administration fee

    When you fully repay the mortgage you will not be charged a redemption administration fee (currently £55).

  • A notional fixed interest rate of 1%

*Fees may be charged for additional services. Please see the Tariff of Mortgage Charges [PDF] leaflet.

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