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This page includes Skipton's standard documents for use by solicitors or licensed conveyancers.

Certificate of Title

Please email a copy of the Certificate of Title to us. We do not require a copy of the original to be sent.

Once received we make a note of the completion date requested, check through the document and contact you about any outstanding matters. If there are no outstanding matters, the release of the mortgage advance will take place on the date requested, provided seven working days' notice has been given.

  • Please allow seven working days' notice from submission of the Certificate of Title to completion. In any case where it is not possible to give the required notice, we will endeavour to check the Certificate of Title, but are unable to provide any guarantees that release of the mortgage advance will take place as requested.
  • Please do not send another Certificate of Title. If you’ve already submitted the Certificate of Title and need to amend the completion date, please send written confirmation of the new date to us via the email address provided below.

Forms and documents

These documents below are legal documents and are to be used only by solicitors or licensed conveyancers who are on our panel and instructed to act on our behalf. Where applicable to a matter in which you are instructed these documents will be included in the mortgage offer, these copies are intended for use as replacements if needed.

*This form is to be used only when the mortgage offer includes the ‘additional occupier’ condition. If the mortgage offer does not include the additional occupier condition and the application is a sole application with an additional occupier intending to reside, please email confirmation of the occupier’s full name, date of birth, relationship to borrower and details of their occupation of the property to This form is only required where the additional occupier is 17 years of age or over.

Next steps

S-link LMS service

Contact us via LMS Secure Link with any queries.

You can also get in touch with us via email on

Frequently asked questions

Release of funds

  • It’s not our policy to release funds the day before completion on a remortgage, unless otherwise agreed.
  • If the funds are required the day before completion for a purchase case, please tell us this when you send the Certificate of Title. We do not release funds the day before completion unless specifically requested, and will rely on you to ensure the customer(s) is aware that interest will be charged from the date we release the funds. We will only release funds one working day prior to completion.

The first mortgage payment date occasionally causes confusion. The information below will help your client understand when the first payment will be taken.

Key points

  • Skipton monthly mortgage payments are due in advance, not in arrears
  • Funds for completion are sometimes released to the conveyancer a day before completion, if the conveyancer requests it. We count the day the funds are released as completion for the purpose of charging interest (not the legal completion date of a purchase or a remortgage). You should let your client know if you are requesting this
  • Your client's first Direct Debit payment will be due on the first day of the month following release of funds and will be taken shortly afterwards
  • Payments by Direct Debit will be taken on the third working day after the payment due date, but the money needs to be available in the account on the due date
  • If release of funds takes place on the last day of the month, the first payment is due the following day.
Completion date (release of funds) First payment due
1-31 January 1 February
1-29 February 1 March
1-31 March 1 April
1-30 April 1 May
1-31 May 1 June
1-30 June 1 July
1-31 July 1 August
1-31 August 1 September
1-30 September 1 October
1-31 October 1 November
1-30 November 1 December
1-31 December 1 January

If completion has been delayed and you need to return the funds to us, please do so as soon as possible; preferably within 24 hours of receiving the funds.

Our bank details for return of funds are:

  • Sort Code: 20-78-91
  • Account Number: 70798924
  • Reference: your client's Mortgage Account Number

Please state the mortgage account number as the reference

Please do not send another Certificate of Title. If completion has been delayed and the funds have been returned to us, please send written confirmation of the new completion date by fax to 0845 366 1080 or by email to as soon as you can.


We require a Deed of Consent on any sole named mortgage application where any additional occupier is over the age of 17 and not in full time education. Please note, any occupiers who are the dependant relatives of the applicants and who are transferring the property to the customer will be required to obtain independent legal advice before signing the Deed of Consent.

A certified copy of the Deed of Consent must be submitted prior to completion for all additional occupiers who meet the above criteria.

If you have been made aware that there is to be an additional adult occupier in the property and this is not already noted in our mortgage offer, you must inform us. We will require the occupier’s full name, date of birth, relationship to our borrower and details of their occupation of the property in order to update our records and issue a new mortgage offer with a Deed of Consent attached if required.

Please refer to the UK Finance Mortgage Lenders' Handbook for details of our requirements for purchases and remortgages.

If you become aware of an issue with the title to the property, or our mortgage conditions cannot be met in full, you must report this to our Completions team and we will review the scenario further. In some instances, we may need to refer back to the valuer for further consideration and will endeavour to respond to the query as efficiently as possible.

Please refer to our UK Finance Mortgage Lenders' Handbook. Here you will find details of which new home warranty schemes we accept and what our requirements are for Professional Consultants Certificates.

If we have agreed in the offer that an existing charge may remain, we require a Deed of Postponement to ensure we have first charge following completion. We will require confirmation that the Deed of Postponement has been duly executed prior to completion.

Full details can be found in our Property Letting Requirements sheet issued with the mortgage offer.

A Form of Acknowledgement is required when one or more of the applicants is not directly benefiting from the loan. If this is the case, the mortgage offer will include the Undue Influence condition. We will require confirmation that the Form of Acknowledgement has been duly executed prior to completion.

To read about the current cladding guidance please visit The Conveyancing Associations website and download their latest PDF on cladding guidance.

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