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Working with AccessAble

We’re proud to be the first building society in the UK to work with AccessAble. They provide Accessibility Guides to thousands of venues across the UK – now including our branches.

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How will AccessAble help our customers

Using facts and photographs, AccessAble tells you everything you need to know to plan a visit to one of our branches. From how easy it is to park, to how wide the entrance doors are and much more.

AccessAble has also helped us identify areas for improvement across our branches and we’re putting plans in place to make them more accessible.

You can find the AccessAble Guides for our branches on the branch finder. Or use the AccessAble website or app to find guides for our branches and many other venues.

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In December 2018 we launched our association with AccessAble by inviting Paralympic gold medallist Hannah Cockroft MBE to our Leeds branch. We also worked with Hannah to look at the issue of accessibility on the high street and produced this short film.

A more accessible Society

  • We’re still improving our website, focusing on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. These are the international standards for website accessibility, which take into account things like colour blindness, dyslexia, visual impairments and cognitive disabilities.
  • We offer a video appointment service, called Skipton Link, for people who can’t make it into branch.
  • Our product information and operational letters are available in braille, large print or audio.
  • You can now select a silent option on the phone when you’re on hold with our Contact Centre.
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