Making a change to your mortgage

If you'd like to review your mortgage to make sure it's still right for you, your first step is to book a telephone appointment or via video appointment using Skipton Link with one of our specialist advisers.

Your appointment will last around an hour, to give you enough time to get the advice you need. Because we already know you, there’s no need to provide identification or get a conveyancer involved. We'll spend the time focusing on the really important things – like understanding your current situation and future needs.

During the call, your adviser will ask about your individual needs, circumstances, preferences and priorities to make sure the advice you receive is suitable. If you’d like to make a change to your mortgage, for example to the rate, term, or repayment type, they can talk you through this.

To set up an appointment, please use our callback request form or call 0345 600 8085.

We might have contacted you already if we think you're eligible to change the rate online without the need for advice. If you want to switch online, please follow the instructions on the letter we sent you.

Talk to our specialist team today 0345 600 8085 or Request a call back

Your appointment checklist

It will help if you can have the information below on hand, so you can get the most out of the call.

  • Latest month's payslip
  • Latest bank statement
  • Details of:
    • Outgoings like credit card, hire purchase and store card payments.
    • Employment benefits such as sick pay, death in service and pension details
    • The repayment vehicle, if all or part of your mortgage is interest-only. This is what you plan to use to repay the capital, like an endowment, ISA or pension
    • Any existing pension schemes you are part of, if you intend to take your mortgage term beyond your planned retirement age.

Please note, if you want to switch rate and you're still within a product deal period (e.g. if your fixed rate has not yet ended), you might have to pay early repayment charges that apply.

As part of our advice process, we'll provide you with a Mortgage Illustration and Offer, which explain the terms of any changes to your mortgage.

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