Our video appointment service

Skipton Link

The same face-to-face service you’d get in a branch without leaving the comfort of home.

We’re currently following government advice and asking customers only to visit our branches if it’s absolutely necessary. But you can still speak to us face-to-face using our video appointment service, Skipton Link. Have an appointment with a savings consultant, mortgage adviser or financial adviser, without having to leave the house.

Your Skipton Link appointment

Discover the benefits of a Skipton Link video appointment.

  • Talk to a savings consultant, mortgage adviser or one of our financial advisers
  • It’s secure, free of charge and easy to use
  • Documents sent and retrieved are completely secure

Follow the steps in our guide to make sure you’re properly set up and ready for your Skipton Link video appointment.

How it works

Step 1

Call us to book an appointment.

Step 2

We'll send you details of your appointment by email, including a link to login.

Step 3

At the time of your appointment we'll call you and help you to log in using the link.

How to prepare and start your appointment

You’ll need a device that supports video conferencing – usually your laptop, desktop or tablet – and access to the internet. You can test the compatibility of your device at www.skiptonfa.co.uk/pre-appointment.

To help you prepare for and start your video appointment we've created some support videos to help you get set up ready.

Support videos

What our customers think

For many years, advisers have come to our house, but we live in a rural place, which can make it difficult to have a meeting. It’s so much easier to schedule a Skipton Link appointment, and the video technology is such that you can exchange documents and see each other on screen.

Financial advice customer Dr Cooper

Call to book your video appointment

Savings or Financial Advice appointment

Book a review to discuss your savings or talk to our financial advisers about your questions regarding investing, pension planning, retirement and inheritance tax planning.

Mortgage appointment

Find out how much you might be able to borrow on a Skipton mortgage or talk to our advisers to get recommendations based on your circumstances. Security is required for any loan.

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