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Verifying your nominated account

All withdrawals from your savings account(s) must be to a UK bank or building society account in your own name. If we’re unable to verify that the account is held in your name, we'll ask you for evidence.

Why do we verify

We take your account security very seriously, ensuring we can verify your nominated account details is important to prevent fraud and keep your money safe and secure. If someone contacts you to make a transaction or set up a new payee, please do not proceed and call our 24/7 fraud line on 0345 850 0469 immediately.

How do we verify

We'll run some checks

When you add your nominated account details, we run an electronic verification check to ensure the bank or building society details you've provided are registered in the UK, are held in your name. If we're able to verify your nominated account details from this check you'll able to withdraw straight away.

To help make sure your payments go to the right place and reduce the risk of fraud, we use an industry-wide service called Confirmation of Payee (CoP). When you add a nominated bank account, we will check that the name on the receiving account matches the details on your Skipton account (you can have up to 2 nominated accounts in your own name).

To learn more about CoP, please see our Savings FAQs.

If we can't match your details

  1. We'll ask for evidence

    If we're unable to verify your nominated account details we'll ask you to provide evidence, this can be in the form of a bank or building society statement or passbook.

    • The statement should show you are named on the account, your address, your nominated account details and have been issued in the last 60 days.
    • The passbook should be for the nominated account (not your Skipton passbook).
  2. Providing the evidence

    You can provide your statement online, in branch or by post. If you'd like to provide your passbook you can do this in branch or by post.

  3. We'll review the evidence

    Once we receive your statement or passbook we aim to review this within 1 working day and confirm by email if we've successfully verified your nominated account. You'll then be able to make withdrawals to your new nominated account.

    If we don't receive your statement or passbook within 21 days the nominated account details will be removed.

Upload statement

Securely upload your statement online

If you've been asked to provide evidence, you can upload your statement online now using our secure Adobe Sign service.

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