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Paying in

Each Skipton account may have different options for paying in. Please refer to your savings product account terms and conditions to check how and when payments in are allowed.

Electronic payments

You can transfer money into your account from another bank or building society. The details you’ll need are:

Sending money from a UK bank or building society

  • Account holder name: Your full name
  • Sort code: 20-78-91
  • Account number: 70798924
  • Reference: your 9-digit Skipton account number

Important Information

  • The payment details may show up as Barclays, as we use them for our banking services.
  • As we're a building society we use a generic account number for all transactions, your 'Reference' ensures the payment reaches your specific Skipton account.
  • This bank account number is not eligible for the Current Account Switching Service (CASS) and you are not able to switch your Skipton Building Society account to another provider through the CASS system.

Skipton is part of the Faster Payments network which means payments from most UK banks will be applied to your account within 2 hours of the payment being sent, regardless of the day or time they have arrived.

For Faster Payments sent on a weekend, bank holiday or after the evening cut-off (typically 6:00 pm) we won’t receive the funds until the next working day. This means that, even though the money might show in your Skipton account, it will not start to earn interest until the next working day.

You should check with your provider what their cut-off time is for sending Faster Payments.

To help make sure your payments go to the right place, we now use an industry wide service called Confirmation of Payee (CoP). When you are receiving payments, we'll confirm your name to the person or business making the payment. To learn more about CoP please see our FAQs page.

Details to send money from overseas

  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN): GB03BARC20789170798924
  • Swift code: BARCGB22
  • Reference: your 9-digit Skipton account number

Interest accrues from the day we receive the payment. The day we receive the money will depend on when the payment instruction was made to the payer’s bank or building society, and any cut-off point.

Debit Card

Important information when paying in with debit cards

Interest from debit card payments starts to accrue on the third working day, from and including the day on which a debit card payment is made into your account (if this is a working day).

Account opened in branch, post or phone

You can pay in using a debit card in any of our branches or by calling us.

Account opened online

You can pay in using a debit card through Skipton Online, via the Skipton app, in any branch or by calling us on 0345 608 0783


Please make your cheque payable to the account holder’s name and write your 9-digit Skipton account number on the back. Then visit any branch or send it to:

Customer Delivery
Skipton Building Society
Principal Office
The Bailey
BD23 1DN

Please note:

  • Interest from cheque payments starts to accrue on the third working day, from and including the day on which a cheque payment is made into your account (if this is a working day). Please note, for cheque payments via the post, this will depend on when we receive your cheque.
  • We do not accept non-sterling cheques.
  • Withdrawals against cheques paid into your account can be made on the fourth working day (including the day of deposit).


Visit any branch (we’ll need to see some photographic ID for the first cash payment into an online account). Interest accrues from the date we receive your payment. We reserve the right to ask you about the source of this cash. 

Please note, we do not accept foreign currency.

Standing Order

If you’d like to set up a Standing Order to make regular payments into your account from a UK bank or building society, you’ll need to download and complete a Standing Order Mandate Form. Once completed, return the form to the bank or building society you’re sending the money from.

We will ensure interest accrues from the day we receive payment.

Standing Order Mandate Form [PDF]

If you need someone to pay in on your behalf

We understand that sometimes you may need other people to pay into your account for you.

There are a few things you need to know though:

  • We recommend that you do not give your passbook to other people
  • Payments can be made into your account with just your account number
  • A receipt will be given to the person paying in for you
  • We’ll send a letter and a receipt to you confirming the payment
  • If someone pays in using your passbook, the branch can update this for you, but we’ll keep the passbook and post it back to you within 3 working days.

If you need someone else to temporarily make payments into your account on a more regular basis, you'll need to speak to us on 0345 850 1722, webchat or visit your nearest branch.

You're protected up to £85,000

Your eligible deposits with Skipton Building Society are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK's deposit guarantee scheme.

Learn more about the FSCS

FSCS - Protecting Your Money
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