Fixed Rate E-Bonds

If you'd like the security of an interest rate that’s guaranteed not to change for a fixed term of between 1 and 5 years, then a fixed rate bond could be a good option for you. And remember, the longer you save, the higher the rate may be.

Our Fixed Rate E-Bonds may be right for you if:

  • you have a lump sum to invest
  • you don't want to continue to pay in after the first seven days of the account opening
  • you want a fixed rate of interest that's guaranteed for the fixed term
  • you don't want to withdraw money before the end of the fixed term

When your fixed term ends, your account will transfer to a 1 year fixed rate E-Bond unless you tell us otherwise.

Withdrawals No withdrawals or early closure
Save from £500
Interest rate 0.55%
gross pa/AER fixed
Ways to apply
Withdrawals No withdrawals or early closure
Save from £1,000
Interest rate 0.80%
gross pa/AER fixed
Ways to apply
Account Name Withdrawals Save from Interest rate Ways to apply
1 Year Fixed Rate E-Bond Issue 124 No withdrawals or early closure £500 0.55%
gross pa/AER fixed
18 Month Fixed Rate E-Bond Issue 124 No withdrawals or early closure £1,000 0.80%
gross pa/AER fixed

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And, whatever you’re saving for, our savings calculator will give you an idea of just how much you have saved in a few years time.

Please note that the calculations are for illustration purposes only.

All returns are shown gross, i.e. without tax being deducted. If the interest rate is variable, the amount of interest shown could be more or less than shown here depending on whether interest rates rise or fall.

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