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My Review

What is a My Review?

A My Review is a relaxed conversation with one of our experienced savings specialists where we’ll get to know you and see if we could help you make more of your money.

If for example, your savings are in a current account or earning low interest, we could discuss whether you could get a more rewarding rate by moving your money to one of our savings accounts.

  • Free appointment

    It's a friendly conversation between you and one of our Savings consultants.

  • In branch, by phone or video link

    Choose to have your review whichever way suits you best.

  • Only takes an hour

    An opportunity to discuss the goals you have for your money.

  • No pressure promise

    Take your time and get back to us when you've decided.

Why book a My Review?

We'll look at your savings and see what actions you could take to help make your money work harder - whether that's by earning more interest or making the most of your tax-free allowances. Then, we talk through your plans for the future to help you get to where you want to be.

  • Making more of your money
  • Building a ‘just in case’ fund
  • Saving to help loved ones
  • Planning for your retirement

97% of My Review customers were very or extremely satisfied

Based on 2,541 customers between January 2022 and 31 December 2022.

My Review in four simple steps

  1. Fill in the form below to book a My Review and we'll be in touch by telephone to arrange your appointment
  2. Talk to one of our savings specialists about your wants, needs and any plans you have for your money
  3. We'll give you tailored information based on what you have told us, with no pressure to decide
  4. If you want to discuss your progress you can arrange further appointments

Book your free appointment now

Why we need to know your address

We need your address in order to book your My Review and to check if you're already a customer, we will only use your details to contact you about your appointment.

We'll give you options, answers and the time you need.

We won’t pressure you into taking our products or services, or recommend anything that we don’t think is right for you. That’s a promise to you from everyone who works at Skipton.

Our No Pressure Promise
No Pressure Promise
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