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We introduced a lot of new things during 2018 and we know there are questions you may have for us. With the help of our advisers and listening to your feedback, we’ve created this page to help with some of your most frequently asked questions, which may answer your query before getting in touch with us.

Does your question relate to the Skipton Online Cash Lifetime ISA?

We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about the Skipton Online Cash Lifetime ISA to help you find the right answer you need. For more information please read our Lifetime ISA FAQs.

Commonly asked questions & online queries

To pay money into your Skipton account from another UK bank or building society, please use the bank details below:

Sort code: 20-78-91

Account number: 70798924

Reference number: Please use your 9 digit Skipton account number as the reference.

You’ll be able to find your account number in letters or secure messages from Skipton relating to your account, in your passbook (if you have one) or when you log into Skipton Online to view your account.

Please ensure that you include your 9 digit account number as the reference when making your payment, so that we’re able to match your payment to your account. If you do not include your account number your payment will be returned.

You can find all the information and forms you need to transfer your ISA on our Transferring your ISA page here.

You can find our current available savings accounts and their rates on our Savings page.

If you’re interested in our mortgage rates you can find our current interest rates on our Mortgages page.

To be able to view your mortgage online you need to register your Grid Card or Secure Passcode. You'll have chosen one of these as your extra security method when you registered online.

Your Grid Card or Secure Passcode registration code can take up to 7 days to arrive in the post.

When registering online you’ll have chosen either a Grid Card or Secure Passcode registration code as your extra security method. This can take up to 7 days to arrive in the post.

Once it’s arrived simply log in to Skipton Online, go to Grid Card or Secure Passcode in the left hand menu and enter the Grid Card serial number or Secure Passcode registration code to register.

If you’ve registered for Skipton Online previously and have switched from using a Grid Card to Secure Passcode you’ll receive a text to register for the app.

If you haven’t registered your Grid Card in Skipton Online or registered for Skipton Online before, we’ll send you your registration code out in the post; this can take up to 7 days to receive in the post.

You don’t need to use this when logging into Skipton Online or making a payment into your account(s). You only need to use it for certain activities including:

  • Withdrawing money
  • Transferring money
  • Changing your personal details

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