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Mental health difficulties

When you’re struggling with your mental health or living with a mental illness, it can feel harder to access everyday services like Financial Services. We do our best to support customers living with mental health problems and mental illnesses such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

How we can help you

We understand that dealing with finances can be difficult, and for some people it feels stressful or worrying. We are here to listen. As well as visiting us in branch, you can call us or speak to us through our secure web chat.

Mental Health UK partnership

We are currently partnered with Mental Health UK; they deliver support and services for some of the biggest societal challenges that pose a threat to people’s mental health. There are many organisations which offer free, independent money advice.

Mental Health UK

Other helpful contacts for managing your money

Mental Health & Money Advice service

The Mental Health Money Advice service, brought to you by our charity partner Mental Health UK, helps individuals who are experiencing poor mental health in combination with problem debt / insufficient income to manage their on-going commitments. The website offers a wide variety of information about money, all through a mental health lens. Here you can find information about a range of topics including:

  • Applying for welfare benefits if you have a mental illness
  • A guide to insurance and mental health
  • A mental health and money toolkit, which has helpful exercises you can do to improve your mental health if it's affecting your ability to manage your money.

Mental Health & Money Advice

Mortgage payment difficulties

If your finances are impacting your mental health and you're worried about or unable to make your monthly mortgage repayments, then it is important you talk to us as soon as possible. The earlier you get in touch the better, as there are more options available if you tackle the problem early on.

Get help with mortgage payment difficulties

Still need help?

We're always working to improve accessibility for all our customers, so if there's something we could do to help you further please let us know.

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