Robert East 

Chairman of the Board, Nominations and Non-Executive Remuneration Committees.

“In 1976, I joined a branch of Barclays in South East London first as the office junior and then as a cashier. Since then, I have worked in many varied roles in financial services, seeing some of the best and some of the worst practices. This time has taught me that well-led and motivated people will give great service to, and do the right thing for, their customers. I really believe in this. I joined Skipton because I saw a business with the same ambition and one where I could use my experience to help it deliver that ambition both now and in the future.”

Robert joined the Board in 2011, bringing more than 40 years’ experience in, and understanding of, retail and commercial banking in the UK and internationally. During his 32 years at Barclays Bank he was Chief Risk Officer of Absa South Africa among other roles. He’s also had other leadership roles in retail and commercial banking, and took leadership of Cattles Limited's restructuring from 2009 and became its Chief Executive in 2010 until completion of its wind down in 2016. Other directorships are Welcome Financial Services Limited and Interim Chairman of Hampshire Trust plc.

Board of Directors: Robert East
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