Bobby Ndawula 

Group Finance Director, Chairman of Asset & Liability Committee, member of Executive, Retail Credit, Model Governance and Non-Executive Remuneration Committees.

“Being part of a values-led organisation that has its members at the heart of everything it does is important to me and keeps me highly motivated. I enjoy leading teams that look to embrace change and continuously improve the financial strength of the Society for the long-term benefit of our members. My ambition for the business is for it to grow sustainably, so we can continue to help more people achieve their financial goals.”

A chartered accountant, Bobby previously held a number of senior positions in Group Finance and Financial Risk. With 20 years of experience in IT, finance and risk he has a desire to ensure the Society’s customers’ financial and service interests are safeguarded. He joined the Board in 2015.

Bobby Ndawula - Group Finance Director
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