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EPC Plus - Your Home Energy Report

We’ve teamed up with Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) provider, Vibrant, to give our home-owning members a comprehensive home energy report for their property – for FREE.

The report will help you to identify any energy-efficient improvements to your home that could reduce your monthly energy usage and help you do your bit to ‘go green’. See our full offer Terms and Conditions [PDF].

What is EPC Plus?

An EPC gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and is valid for 10 years. A valid EPC is required if you intend to sell or rent out a residential property. With the EPC Plus service from Vibrant you get:

  • a home visit from an assessor to inspect each room
  • an up-to-date EPC showing your current rating
  • a detailed report on your property’s full potential, with a suggested maximum EPC rating and the changes you’d have to make to achieve it
  • access to the technical team at Vibrant who can answer any questions, once you have your full report
  • detailed quotes showing the cost of work using contractors from Vibrant's carefully-selected panel available on request
  • a choice on whether to use their services or find your own contractors. If you choose Vibrant to project-manage the works, they will charge a fee for the service.

Any agreement for this service, the installation and performance of any subsequent works will be between you and Vibrant.

EPC Plus could help you identify opportunities to...

  • Save money

    Reduced energy use could help you save on your monthly energy bills.

  • Add value

    Lasting energy-efficient improvements which could make your home more attractive to buyers.

  • Go greener

    Find ways to use less energy and potentially improve your environmental footprint.

Why are we offering our members this for free?

We know that lots of you are thinking about the squeeze that rising energy bills and the cost of living are putting on you and your loved ones. We understand that going green and being environmentally-friendly is becoming more and more important to our members too. Offering a free EPC Plus is one way we can help our members to consider their own environmental footprint, by highlighting ways they could improve the energy efficiency of the property they own.

Who are Vibrant?

To offer you this opportunity, we’re working with a company called Vibrant, a UK supplier of EPCs who help many homeowners a year. Vibrant are owned by Connells Group, a Skipton Building Society Group company.

Your survey and personalised report will be prepared by one of their experienced assessors. You can watch the video below to see what will happen when they visit your home.

What Skipton Members say about Vibrant Energy Matters

"Like many others we too took up the free offer from Skipton Building Society of a free energy survey on our property. The surveyor was very helpful and professional and answered the many questions we had. A short time after we received a report from Vibrant which was informative and highlighted areas where me might increase our EPC rating."

Skipton Building Society Member - 27 May 2023.

"Had our EPC carried out by Vibrant through the Skipton Building Society. We were kept well informed of the appointment and the assessor was early which was better for me. He was very polite and respectful of my property. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vibrant."

Skipton Building Society Member - 6 April 2023.

Is there anything else I should consider?

If you intend to sell your home or rent out a residential property you will need a valid EPC.

If you are a landlord in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, EPC Band E is the minimum level of energy efficiency required for rental residential property. Therefore, you should consider that if the EPC rating on your new report was below Band E, it would affect your ability to let the property out and you could be liable for a fine. To fully understand your responsibilities in these areas you may want to seek your own independent legal advice. You may also find the government website helpful:

Arrange your appointment today

Visit Vibrant's website

Find out more about Vibrant and arrange your free EPC Plus report.

Please note, this offer is not available on properties constructed within the last 10 years. Read our offer Terms and Conditions [PDF] carefully before applying.

We recommend you also keep your own copy for future reference.

Frequently asked questions

The initial report is free if you hold a savings or mortgage account with us at the date of application, even if the property is not mortgaged with Skipton Building Society. You must own the property the EPC Plus report is for.

The offer is not available on properties constructed within the last 10 years.

When putting up your home for sale or renting a residential property out to tenants, it is a legal requirement to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate if you don't already have one. Even if you're not thinking about selling or renting, having an up to date EPC can still be worthwhile.

A basic EPC tells you about improvements you could choose to make to your property now in order to benefit from - lower energy costs, a warmer home and a better energy-performance rating.

However, Vibrant's home energy report covers much more, including:

  • they are on hand to help with queries and costing up works
  • they can help identify if you're eligible for any government-funded schemes
  • they can also provide project-management if you decide to pay for their services
  • they provide a new report once the work is complete (if you have used Vibrant's services).

Any agreement for the project-management service and the installations and performance of any subsequent works will be between you and Vibrant. Refer to our offer Terms and Conditions [PDF] for more information.

Yes, under the terms of the EPC Plus offer eligible members can request up to ten home energy reports for properties they own, even if the property is not mortgaged with Skipton Building Society. You can only request one report per property.

Vibrant specialise in property services including performing inspections for Energy Performance Certificates. We have chosen to work with Vibrant to provide this offer not only because of their experience in this area but also because they are owned by Connells Group, a Skipton Building Society Group company.

The initial report giving your EPC rating is completely free to customers who have a savings or mortgage account with us at the time of requesting a report.

Following their inspection of your property, Vibrant will complete the report giving recommendations for improvements you could make and the anticipated change that having the work done would have on your property's energy-efficiency rating.

You don’t have to go ahead with any of the recommendations from Vibrant – you might want to come back to things later, or perhaps look into using your own suppliers. However, if you would like to proceed with Vibrant they will provide a full quotation covering the work and their project-management fee. Once the work is complete, they will issue a new EPC showing the updated energy efficiency rating valid for 10 years from date of issue. Any agreement for the project-management service and the installation and performance of any subsequent works will be between you and Vibrant.

Should you decide not to use Vibrant's project-management service, you’ll need to arrange and pay for an updated EPC once any works have been completed.

Important information

If you have a complaint about any element of the EPC Plus or any other service received from Vibrant, this should be sent to them directly by emailing, or by writing to the address below.

Vibrant Energy Matters Limited. Registered in England, Registered Number 06755736. Registered Office: 2 Foxes Lane, Oak­dale Business Park, Blackwood, Gwent, NP12 4AB.

EPC Plus is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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