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Support for your video appointment

From logging in to choosing the right browser – discover everything you need to get your Skipton Link appointment underway.

Choosing the right device and browser

Skipton Link can be used with any modern computer, laptop, tablet or iPad, as long as it has:

  • a camera, microphone and speakers, which will usually be built in
  • if you have a desktop computer, you can use Firefox or Google Chrome
  • if you have an Android tablet, Google Chrome will already be installed on your device, but you can use Firefox instead if you’d prefer
  • if you have an Apple Mac or iPad, you’ll need to use Safari, which will already be installed on your device.

We recommend that you use the most recent released version of the web browser. You can test your device compatibility.

Starting your appointment

On the day and time of your appointment:

  1. we’ll phone you to go through the login process
  2. you’ll be asked to visit and complete two boxes on the page – one with your name and another with a four-digit code that you’ll receive from us in an email
  3. we’ll go through a quick test to make sure your speakers are working, then end the phone call and get your video appointment underway.

Need more help?

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