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With so much uncertainty at the moment, it might be time to think about your financial plans. Our straightforward Financial Fitness Report could help you to make sense of your finances.

It’s free to see if you're on track towards your financial goals.

We've found that 30% of people are worried about the future of their finances, because they don't have everything in order*. Having a Financial Fitness Report with us could help. It starts with a 30-minute conversation over the phone- you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home.

At the end of the conversation, you’ll receive a free report outlining the four steps that form the basis of our financial planning principles, and steps you could consider to improve your financial fitness.

*2000 UK participants were asked, research carried by One Poll for Skipton Building Society in July, 2020.

How it works

Step-by-step we'll take you through:

  1. Your financial foundations: your emergency funds and how much you’ve put away for rainy days.
  2. Short term savings: what you’ve got planned over the next few years.
  3. Growing your money: how you plan to build your savings, pension and legacy pots.
  4. Your future goals: your long term goals and how prepared you are for your financial future.

If there are any areas that need a bit more focus and attention, we’ll explain ways we might be able to help.

This isn’t financial advice, but we might suggest setting up a meeting with a financial adviser if we both agree. With our No Pressure Promise though, that’s completely up to you.

Could you benefit from a Free Financial Fitness Report?

We believe everyone should have access to the right financial help. A Financial Fitness Report is about helping you to understand the fitness of your finances, so you can start focusing on achieving your goals for the future.

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We won’t pressure you into taking our products or services, or recommend anything that we don’t think is right for you. That’s a promise to you from everyone who works at Skipton.

Our No Pressure Promise
No Pressure Promise
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