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Over the phone


  • Longer appointments

    If you think you may need a longer appointment, please let us know and we’ll be happy to arrange that.

  • Video appointments

    We’ve made our appointments more accessible with our video appointment service, Skipton Link. You can have a video appointment from home for mortgage advice, financial advice, or a review with a savings consultant.

    Skipton Link

Accessibility aids

  • BT Relay UK

    BT Relay UK allows you to type messages to an assistant, who speaks to us over the phone and types back to you. You can use the service by dialing 18001 from a text phone followed by any of our phone numbers. Or visit BT Relay UK's website to use their free app.

    BT Relay UK's website

  • Silent hold option on calls

    You can choose a silent option when you're on hold on a telephone call with us.

We're trained to support you

We were an early adopter of Communication Access UK training for our colleagues, which aims to make things easier for people with communication disabilities. Over 1,500 Skipton colleagues have now completed this training.

Communication Access UK

Need more help?

Send an email to our accessibility team.

Call us

If you need more help one of our friendly members of staff would be happy to assist.

0345 850 1700

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