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We are committed to improving the digital experience of all our members, so users of all abilities can interact with us on our websites and app.

We are working towards our websites being WCAG2.1 AA compliant, and are committed to addressing the areas where we need to improve. We know there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach to digital accessibility, so if you are struggling to complete something online or on our app, please let us know.

What we have done

  • Implemented an accessibility monitoring tool on our website. We regularly review the findings from this tool, to see what improvements we can make.
  • Added “Skip to Content” links on this website and Skipton Online.
  • Tested key journeys on our website and app with a disability testing partner.
  • Updated the use of colour on our website, to ensure we are meeting colour contrast requirements.
  • Added alternative text to images on this website, where appropriate.

Issues we know about

  • Using a keyboard to interact with our main navigation can prove difficult.
  • Some aspects of our third party feedback solution (Hotjar) may not be keyboard navigable.
  • Some links and buttons may use discernible text, such as “find out more”.
  • Keyboard-only users and Screen Reader users may experience difficulties when registering for Skipton Online or using Customer Fact Find.
  • Some areas of Skipton Online and Customer Fact Find don’t meet colour contrast requirements.
  • Screen Reader users may experience difficulties using the Secure Passcode in the app.
  • Some of the language used may not always be the easiest for everyone to understand.
  • We use the third party Focus platform for the Skipton Financial Planning & Advice Investment Portal. We are aware that this platform does not meet our accessibility standards, which may result in users experiencing difficulties.

What we plan to do

In the future, we intend to embed accessibility best practices into our websites and app updates. We are also planning on testing our websites and app with disabled users of our Member Panel.

Improving your browsing experience

AbilityNet have a useful resource called My Computer My Way, which contains several helpful guides on how to make your device easier to use.


Need more help?

Send an email to our accessibility team.

Call us

If you need more help one of our friendly members of staff would be happy to assist.

0345 850 1700

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