Communication Access UK

Communication Access UK is an initiative led by the Royal College of Speech and Language therapists in partnership with charities, this accreditation aims to improve the experience of people living with a communication disability.

Proudly becoming Communication Accessible

By raising awareness, providing training, and through the use of a new Communication Access symbol, we hope to increase confidence and independence in those living with communication difficulties.

We plan to role out the training to all our customer facing colleagues over the next 12 months and to embed this within our culture, we will then display the symbol to allow customers to identify when colleagues have had this training. It aims to give colleagues increased confidence in supporting those who may need it, in fact up to 1 in 5 of people experience a communication difficulty at some point in their lives so we know this will help our customers.

David Cutter quote

Communication is key for any organisation. We rely on communication with our customers and our colleagues, they are the key to success. Which is why it's incredibly important to ensure that all our people are able to communicate effectively together and ensure that we continue to create a Society where nobody is left out.

David Cutter, Chief Executive

We're early adopters

Here at Skipton Building Society, we took part in the “early adopter” phase of the Communication Access UK initiative and were the only financial services organisation to do so.

Communication Access UK have worked with people with communication difficulties and disabilities in order to design and create a new symbol along with standards and training. The symbol can be displayed by businesses and organisations, like us, whose colleagues have undergone the specific training to help them better support the needs of the people with communication difficulties. The training helps colleagues identify if someone needs support and encourages them to ask how we can help.

Colleagues in two of our branches, Leeds and Keighley, have undergone specific training to help them better support the needs of people with communication difficulties. We have pledged to become Communication Accessible which means we will be rolling out the training to all of our customer facing colleagues throughout next year.

You can find out more about Communication Access UK on their website.

This initiative sits perfectly with our work to support those who may be in a vulnerable situation and individuals who may have additional requirements. Engaging with the training provided by Communication Access UK really helped us re-focus on how we communicate with all our customers and not just those with additional requirements. This is a win-win for organisations, customers and colleagues.

Jo Hall, Branch Manager

Committed to accessibility


SignVideo helps British Sign Language users contact us safely and securely through an online video service. Find out more about the service here.



We’re proud to be the first building society to provide accessibility information on all of our branches through AccessAble.

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