Applying for a mortgage


Before applying for a mortgage, you should consider how much you would like to borrow and work out your monthly income and outgoings to see how much you can afford to pay towards your mortgage. When searching for properties, you also need to bear in mind expenses such as valuation fees, local authority search fees, conveyancer’s fees and Stamp Duty Land Tax, as well as key household items that you’ll need such as appliances, furniture, carpets and decorating materials.

If you’re looking to remortgage, costs that may be payable could include our valuation fees, early repayment charges, Redemption Administration fees and any other fees associated with your existing mortgage.

It is essential that you borrow only what you can comfortably afford each month. Your mortgage adviser will talk through your income and expenditure with you, but in the meantime it makes sense to plan your monthly budget to see what your expenditure is likely to be against your monthly income.

How the mortgage application process works

Here is what a typical application process could look like. Expand each step to find out more details.
Complete a Decision in Principle (DIP) at or by calling 0345 850 1755*.

A mortgage appointment is booked and your dedicated mortgage adviser is assigned.

Your dedicated mortgage adviser will call at a time convenient to you to discuss products.

We will send your MIL and application to you by post or email for you to check, sign and return.

Your application is submitted for processing and approval.
Your application is underwritten.
A mortgage valuation is carried out on the property.
If all criteria are met, you will receive your mortgage offer.
Conveyancer instructed (usually to act jointly for the Society and you) to investigate the legal title, and prepare the mortgage documentation.
The conveyancer completes all legal checks and funds are released.

How to apply for a mortgage

The first step you should take to start your application is to find out how much you can borrow. To do this, you can obtain a decision in principle, either online or over the phone.

The amount we lend is based on an overall assessment of affordability which takes into account your income, your expenditure and the impact of possible future interest rate rises.

Obtain an Online Decision in Principle (DIP)

With our online DIP, we can give you a decision in principle based on your income and outgoings within 10 minutes.

We’ll ask you for specific information, which will help us to provide you with a decision about the amount of loan which could be available to you. The DIP is not a cost quotation for a particular mortgage product, which will instead be provided to you in the form of a Mortgage Illustration (MIL) later in the application process.

Please note, an application for a DIP involves the Society carrying out a credit check on you.

What you will need for an online DIP:

  • salary and employment details/2 years' accounts, if employed/self employed;
  • details of your existing mortgage(s), if you already have one;

  • details of your current financial commitments and loans; and

  • if Buy to Let, details of actual or expected rental income.

Once you have a lending decision, our mortgages team will contact you to book a telephone appointment with a qualified Mortgage Adviser. They will advise and assist you in making a full mortgage application.

Start your online DIP now

Over the phone by contacting Skipton Direct

If you prefer, you can also obtain a Decision in Principle over the phone.

You can arrange a telephone appointment with one of our qualified Mortgage Advisers who will be happy to give you more details about mortgages to suit your needs and the application process.

Call Skipton Direct today on 0345 850 1755

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You can then complete a full mortgage application over the phone. For further details please see our Mortgage interview process.

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