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Annual General
Meeting 2017

Have you used your vote yet? Make sure your voice is heard.

As a mutual organisation, our members have a real say in the running of our Society and all eligible members can vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

This year's AGM will be held at our Principal Office in Skipton on Monday 24 April 2017.

Our review of 2016 booklet includes some of the things we’ve done over the past year, more information about your Board, along with the Notice of AGM, a full list of our 2017 Resolutions and our 2016 Summary Financial Statement.

There are four easy ways for you to cast your vote:

  • Online
  • By Freepost
  • In branch
  • In person at the AGM

Full details on how to vote are included in the 'Voting Information' section below.

Meet your Board

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Find out more about your Board members. All of the Directors will stand for election/re-election at the

Prefer emails?

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You can register to receive your AGM voting pack by email rather than post for future AGMs.

Voting Information

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Find out how to vote, along with our membership criteria and what you need to bring with you to attend the AGM in person.

Where and when?

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The 2017 AGM will be held at our Principal Office, The Bailey in our new atrium on Monday 24 April 2017 at 6:30pm.

David Cutter Chief Executive

David Cutter

Looking after people’s savings and enabling home ownership is at the very heart of what we do as a mutual building society. Being there to help our customers plan for their life ahead is our long term focus.

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