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Skipton Online

Safe, convenient and easy to use, Skipton Online is our secure login portal allowing you to manage your Skipton accounts online.

Why register for online services with Skipton Online?

  • Manage and arrange transactions on your online savings accounts 24/7
  • View your Skipton savings and mortgage balance online
  • Faster payments - pay money by the end of the next working day where the receiving bank accepts faster payments.
  • Go paperless – cut down on filing and help the environment by choosing to view your statements online
  • Use our secure messaging service for quick replies to your account queries
  • Manage your personal details and marketing preferences

Important information on scams

At Skipton we’re committed to helping you protect yourself against fraud.

We’re aware that individuals posing as Police, Government agencies or fraud prevention teams either at Skipton Building Society or other organisations are contacting people and encouraging them to transfer their savings to another provider while they claim to be investigating a staff fraud or similar activity.

The accounts the money is transferred into are controlled by the fraudster as part of the scam, allowing them to easily steal it. If this happens to you, please talk to us before acting. You may be told not to discuss it with us but this is part of the scam. Call us on 0345 850 1722 or visit your local branch. Please be aware that we may be unable to reclaim any funds you have willingly transferred out of your account.

There are many other different types of scams that you need to be aware of to protect yourself against fraud. Find out more.

Online Security

Cyber attacks and scams are being reported more frequently in the national media. There are some simple steps we can all take to protect ourselves when online:

  • Keep your operating system, web browser and anti-virus software up to date on your PC.
  • Use a firewall to protect your PC from hackers.
  • Secure your wireless connection.
  • Check for either the padlock symbol on your web browser or that the web address starts with 'https' to know that the page you are visiting is secure.
  • Do not use a password that could be easily guessed by someone else.
  • Never share your security or login details with anyone, or write them down and change your password immediately if you suspect someone else could know it.
  • Always remember to log out immediately after finishing your Skipton Online session.
  • Be very careful when using shared or public PCs, especially if you can't be sure what protection that PC has, or who might be able to see the details you enter.
  • Never open suspicious emails or click on links in suspicious-looking emails claiming to take you to a login screen.
  • Remember to keep your smartphone and tablet secure and up-to-date.
  • Stay aware of current advice and scams. We recommend that you regularly visit the following sites:

Money Advice Service - scams and identity theft

Bank Safe Online


Get Safe Online

  • We use two-factor-authentication, which means that we do not rely on passwords and memorable data alone – we also issue a Grid card that adds another layer of security by providing additional information to prove that you are the account holder.
  • We use an anti-phishing device that asks you to select a photo and choose a phrase when registering for Skipton Online – this is shown to you when you login so that you know you are on the genuine Skipton Online site and not a bogus site.
  • We verify your identity when you register for Skipton Online. If this cannot be done electronically we ask for physical evidence. This reduces the risk of identity theft.
  • We automatically log you out of Skipton Online after 10 minutes of no activity. This is to protect you in case you forget to log-out.
  • We continually review our security systems to ensure that the highest levels of safety are balanced with ease-of-use for our customers.
  • We monitor transactions for suspicious activity.
  • We will never ask you to give us your login details over the phone or in a branch. We will ask other questions if we need to verify your identity.

Phishing scams are used by criminals to lure victims into handing over valuable information such as login details, passwords and account numbers, which can be used to commit fraud.

This may be through an e-mail asking you to enter your details, or through a page on screen that attempts to copy a login screen.

How to avoid phishing

Ignore Society e-mails that ask you to follow links to a site to confirm your online account security details. We will never send you an e-mail or a website link asking you to enter your login details.These e-mails and fake sites may look as if they're from Skipton Building Society but they are fraudulent.

Always check that when you login to Skipton Online your correct photo and phrase is shown to you, this is specifically an anti-phishing tool as each user has a unique photo and phrase which cannot be copied by fraudsters.

Always check the authenticity of the Skipton Building Society’s online account site by checking its security certificate, which you can do by double-clicking on the padlock symbol on your browser.

If you think you've given away your security details ring Skipton Direct on 0345 702 5026.

Keep your system and web browser updated. Manufacturers regularly release security patches when weaknesses are discovered in their systems and browsers. Ensure you have the latest updates at all times.

Identity fraud involves fraudsters obtaining your personal information which they use to pretend to be you.

How to protect your identity:

  • Use unique passwords for all your online accounts. Make sure they are easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.
  • Just say no. If you receive an unusual request online or over the phone, trust your instincts and check the person's identity. It's okay to hang up or not to respond if you're unsure of who you're talking to.
  • Check your statements. If you notice any unusual transactions, report them immediately.
    Protect your post. Always collect your post, store important documents somewhere safe and shred anything you don't need. If you move home, make sure you use the Royal Mail redirection service.
  • Look out for phishing scams. We'll never send you an email, text or a website link asking you to enter your Internet Banking or card details. Find out more about phishing scams via the tab above.
  • Be careful where you share. Take care when using public computers or free Wi-Fi networks to access your personal or financial information.

If you suspect identity fraud please call us on 0345 850 1722*.

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