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Introducing retiresavvy - our exciting new community website dedicated to demystifying retirement

We’ve launched a groundbreaking new venture where people can come together, share their experiences and seek out support in achieving the retirements they aspire to.

Retiresavvy combines insights from real people, a variety of contributors and industry experts, to inspire and inform today’s – and tomorrow’s – retirees.

With the new pension rules introduced on 6 April 2015, people are facing more confusion and uncertainty than ever before about what will become of their pensions and the options available to them once they retire.

While benefitting from the backing of Skipton as a respected mutual financial services brand, retiresavvy is a community in its own right. It has its own ethos and purpose centred around giving those planning for and in retirement a powerful voice.


What can I find on retiresavvy?

There's a wealth of information on retiresavvy for all people, from those just starting to think about retirement, to those who have been enjoying it for years. You'll find a range of content including;



Written by bloggers and our own editorial team we have a range of articles covering all areas of retirement from finance and pensions to keeping busy.



Our forum is a dedicated space for the retiresavvy community to come together and discuss retirement. You can create your own discussions and ask questions.

Guides and emails


Sign up to retiresavvy to gain access to a number of our free guides including 'A guide to the latest pensions changes', plus the latest news and updates through our emails.

Get involved

Retiresavvy is a community that thrives on you getting involved and becoming a part of it. Why not explore the site and take at look at some of the things we've covered so far. If you find an article of interest you can comment and engage with other users or get involved with the forum.

I have a burning question around retirement, or an experience I'd like to share, what can I do?

  • You can start a discussion on the forum to get views and opinions from other members.
  • You could become a retiresavvy blogger - contact us for more information.
  • You can email us with your question and we'll try our best to cover it on the site.
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