How can we help?


We can provide ways to help customers understand their goals and put plans in place.

We believe that as customers start to plan, they will feel more confident about today and tomorrow.

We aim to help people to understand their goals:

We aim to help customers plan to help them achieve their goals:

We help people to plan for the future:

  • We are proud of our mutuality – we have been helping generations to buy a home and save for their future since 1853.
  • Our No Pressure Promise means that we are willing to help and support customers in their decision making, helping them feel in control
  • We are skilled at helping people to explore their goals and suggesting possible ways in which we can help through My Review
  • If a customer is willing to put their capital at risk, our Financial Advisers are qualified to provide advice whether it’s about investing, retirement or inheritance tax
  • We have a product range focussed on helping customers plan for their life ahead and make the most of their savings

We are always mindful of the need to plan for the short, medium and long term by helping our customers to understand the impact of putting off thinking about the future.

  • My Review takes about an hour and really helps customers to focus on what they want to achieve both now and in the future
  • Guides and articles are there to help knowledge and understanding, for example: tips for retirement on retiresavvy and our financial advice knowledge centre
  • Retirement calculator allows customers to see how their retirement plans are shaping up – it’s never too early or late to take a look
  • The monthly payment mortgage calculator helps customers to understand how different interest rates might affect their monthly payments.
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