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Brits spend longer making a cup of tea than pausing to look at their finances.

16 March 2017

Our new research reveals that Bits are spending longer making a cup of tea than they are pausing to look at their finances.

Skipton appoints a new Chairman

1 March 2017

Robert East will become our new Chairman, replacing Mike Ellis who will retire from the Board after our AGM

Another strong year for Skipton

1 March 2017

We’ve announced our annual results for 2016

UK Plagued by an "Ostrich mentality" when it comes to retirement savings

7 December 2016

Read more about our new research into the nations retirement behaviours here.

Brits spend as much time financially preparing to tie the knot as having children

28 September 2016

Research from us has revealed the level of financial preparation that Brits put into major life moments.

The UK's community groups need your votes to win share of £81,500 Grassroots Giving funding

2 September 2016

Over 370 community groups from across the UK have been shortlisted for our Grassroots Giving campaign.

Skipton Building Society recycles its scrap as charity cash to support local hospice

30 August 2016

Money raised by recycling our scrap metal has been handed over to a North Yorkshire hospice.

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