Paperless statements

There are lots of benefits to going paperless so, if you’re not already signed up for our online services, now is a good time.

A few reasons to go paperless

  • never lose a statement
  • view, download or print statements when it's convenient to you
  • it's better for the enviroment
  • help to reduce the cost of running your Society.

Each statement will be visible for up to 6 years, as long as you're still registered to use our online services.

    How to do it

  1. Go to Login / Sign up. If you’re not already registered to use Skipton Online you'll need to follow the instructions on screen to sign up - you’ll need your account number to hand for this
  2. Once logged in choose ‘Preferences’ from your left hand menu
  3. Click ‘Edit’ on ‘Paperless statements’ and select the account you’d like to switch from printed to paperless.

Get more choice with Skipton Online

Paperless statements are just one of the ways we’ve improved our online service. Others include being able to:

  • amend personal details
  • amend your preferences
  • check your balance
  • see the latest transactions on your account
  • provide maturity instructions, where your account allows.

If you have your mortgage with us you are able to:

  • view your mortgage statements from 2016 onwards or from the year of completion if after 2016
  • check the remaining term on your mortgage and the loan to value
  • find out about overpayment allowances and early repayment charges.
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