Your options after a mortgage payment holiday (deferral)

The mortgage payment holiday (deferral) scheme is ending

  • The scheme has now closed for new applications. If you're worried about your monthly mortgage repayments, contact our Credit Management team.
  • Existing payment holidays (deferrals) can still be extended as long as they don’t exceed 6 months total, and are taken continuously without any breaks.
  • All payment holidays (deferrals) will end by 31st July 2021.

If you made the decision to take a payment holiday (deferral) on your mortgage due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we’ll write to you at least 7 working days before your mortgage payments resume to let you know your new monthly payment and mortgage balance.

If you can afford to make these payments, it is in your best interests to do so. If you start your mortgage payments again, make sure that your payment method is set up ready to resume.

Your options

Request further support

If you want to extend the payment holiday (deferral) or you're worried about being able to afford your monthly payments, we can help.

Further support

Minimise the increase to your payment

If you are able to resume payments but want to minimise the increase to your monthly payment, there are options to consider.

Minimising the increase

If you were in arrears before the payment holiday (deferral)

If your mortgage was already in arrears when you requested a payment holiday (deferral) then one of our Credit Management Team will make contact with you as soon as possible. We are already aware of who we need to contact but please bear with us as we’re extremely busy processing requests and rest assured that you’ll hear from us soon.

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