How to save £3,000 without really trying

If you’re saving for a house but it feels like it’ll never happen, there are a few things you can do to help you save more.

Saying goodbye to old habits and doing without a few home comforts for a while could boost your cash by £3,000 a year. Multiply that by five, and you’re £15,000 closer to your deposit.

Save £624 per year save £624 a year

Costly coffee

Is a caffeine rush slowing down your savings? Avoid splashing out on franchise coffee every day and save yourself some cash.

The maths: assuming that the cost of a flat white primo is £2.40, at five coffees a week that’s costing you £12, and over 52 weeks that’s £624 a year that could be going towards your deposit.

Save £408 per year save £408 a year

The vaper rub

Is your money evaporating right in front of your eyes? It could be if you vape.

The maths: assuming e-liquid and replacement parts for vapers cost approximately £8.50 per week, this could amount to £34 per month, which is £408 per year going up in smoke.

Save £287.76 per year save £287 a year

Takeaway torment

Those two pizzas a month might seem harmless now, but they’re eating into your dough.

The maths: assuming that a medium pizza costs around £11.99, at two a month that’s £23.98, which adds up even faster than the calories to £287.76 a year.

Save £720 per year save £720 a year

Last orders

Liquid lunches and nights in with a bottle of wine can seriously drain your resources.

The maths: even if you only spend £15 a week on a tipple, it adds up to £60 a month, which is £720 every year – a sobering thought when it comes to your savings.

Save £828 per year save £828 a year

Lunchtime meal-deal breaker

When a lunchtime habit starts eating into your earnings, it might be time to make your own sandwiches.

The maths: if we assume a supermarket sandwich costs around £2, a bag of crisps is 65p and a can of pop another 80p, that’s £3.45 a day. At five days a week that’s £17.25, or £69 a month, which comes to £828 per year.

Save £168 per year save £168 a year

A sticky subject

It might keep your breath minty fresh, but the cost of chewing gum can really build up over time.

The maths: assuming one pack of gum costs approximately 50p, if you buy one every day, that’s £3.50 per week, which is £14 per month and £168 per year that’d be better off in your account.

Save £80 per year save £80 a year

Boxset binging

If Breaking Bad is breaking the bank, have you considered your subscription to extra TV services?

The maths: cancelling just one subscription could boost your deposit by around £80 a year.

TOTAL SAVINGS (APPROX) = £3,000 per year.

And there you have it. Cutting back on a few non-essentials could make a huge difference to your deposit and potentially get you on the property ladder even sooner than you expected.

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