Online Bond Transfer Authority Form

Please choose the Bond from the list below that you wish to transfer your funds into. Currently there are no Online bonds available but if you wish to transfer your funds into an Online product please login to your Skipton Online account and choose from one of our products.

To apply for one of the above Bonds please carefully read the Bond Terms & Conditions found in your maturity pack, as we will seek to rely on them. The Investment Account Terms and Conditions previously supplied to you will continue to apply and these can be found on our website. By ticking the box you confirm you agree to be bound by them.

Please Note If you are requesting a new product where the account(s) require authority from two or more account holders you must ensure that consent for the new product has been given by all account holders before proceeding as we will rely on your confirmation that you have such consent. We will have to confirm such consent at the time any withdrawals or other transactions are requested.

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