Is your money working as hard as you are?

You want your money to work as hard as you do, that’s why we’re here to help you find ways to save that meet your needs. A new car, a kitchen, that dream holiday, or just for a rainy day – whatever you're planning, it often pays to have something put aside.

Saving for the not-too-distant future

If you have immediate financial goals, a straightforward savings account that gives you access to your money might be for you. It could be a Cash ISA or an easy access savings account. If you can give notice before a withdrawal a limited access account might be right for you.

We offer a wide range of accounts designed to suit you and your needs. If you’re not sure which might be the best for you, get in touch and we can help talk you through your options.

Looking a bit further ahead

Maybe your savings goals are a bit further in the future? You could be saving to help pay for a child or grandchild’s education, help them buy a home, or for your retirement.

If you’re willing to lock your money away for a bit longer – usually for between one and five years – fixed rate savings products tend to offer higher interest rates than easy access products.

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For the 11 months to the end of November 2016, our average savings rate was 0.58% higher than the average paid by UK banks and building societies*.

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* Source: CACI’s CSDB, stock, average interest rate. The products compared include a mix of fixed and variable rates, which change from time to time.

For long term plans, should you consider investing?

94% of our financial
advice customers*
would recommend us to friends and family. Isn't it time to review your plans?

*Source: 3,403 customers surveyed March 2012 – April 2017

If you're prepared to accept the risk that your money could go down in value and are able to commit to a longer time-frame, consider taking financial advice on investing your money.

A review with a Skipton financial adviser can help identify if you have suitable plans in place for your needs, guide you through your options and offer tailored investment recommendations based on your own circumstances. Over almost 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of customers plan their futures. 

There’s never any pressure to act on our advice and we’ll only ever recommend investments that are suitable for you. Request a call back and see if you could benefit from financial advice.

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Our recommendations are likely to include stock market-linked investments. These aren't like building society savings accounts, as your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you invest. The value of your investments and any income from them may fall as well as rise.

Take the next step in making the most of your savings

From understanding if your savings plans are on track, to exploring if financial advice is right for you, and keeping up to date with our latest news, we’re here to help. 

Life Goals Tools

Find out if your plans are on track

Already saving, investing or looking to start? Our Life Goals tool can help you understand how you might achieve your target.

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