When do you need to update your Will?

If you have a Will in place, that’s great. You’re already one step ahead of millions of people, as more than half of UK adults don’t have one.

But have you ever reviewed your Will?

This is a task many people forget to do. Yet making sure your Will remains up-to-date could be as important as preparing one from scratch.

Why? Because in life things change. People. Relationships. Finances.These can often mean that your Will may no longer reflect your wishes. In fact, Royal London research shows that of those that do have a Will, one in seven (13%) admitted it to be out of date, rising to nearly one in five (18%) amongst those who have previously been married, which increases the risk of assets not going to the person you want them to go to.

Ideally, you should review your Will at least every five years to ensure it still reflects your wishes. Or after a major life event to reflect your new circumstances.

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Reasons you might want to update your Will:

After the birth of your child or grandchild

Amongst the excitement of welcoming a new child or grandchild, an important task is to make sure your Will is updated – as they won’t be automatically added to it.

You can also use this opportunity to specify in your Will who you’d like as legal guardian of your children in the event of your death.

Marriage or divorce

Once you marry, any Will made before your wedding will become void, unless your Will makes specific reference to your intended marriage, so you’d need to renew it in order to avoid dying 'intestate’. This is what happens if you don’t have a Will in place – and means your assets will be shared out according to the intestacy law, not your wishes.

Contrary to when you marry, if you were to divorce, this wouldn’t automatically void your Will, but any gift to a former spouse takes effect as if he or she had died when you divorced. Often this means the gift would be shared out between the residuary beneficiaries.

Moving home

When you move home, you should take steps so that your new property is included in your Will if you own the property. You might need to discuss how it’s owned and the overall value of your estate.

If you buy a second property and wish to leave it to different people, this needs to be reflected in your Will arrangements.

After a death

If someone included in your Will has sadly passed away, it may need to be adjusted to state who you would now like to receive that share of your estate.

Financial changes

After receiving a large sum of money, you’ll need to say who you’d like to leave it to in your Will. Likewise, if you lose money, you should review your Will to ensure you’re leaving only what’s available.

Key changes to inheritance tax

If you have an inheritance tax liability, you may be using your Will to reduce it. If you haven’t reviewed your plans for some time, key changes over the past decade could mean your Will no longer helps to reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on your estate.

Updating your Will

We understand legacy planning can be complex. That’s why our Will referral service could help.

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