Video appointments from the comfort of your own home

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we go about our daily lives, which includes everything from working at home, schooling the kids and self-isolating while trying to stay six feet apart, so it’s no wonder the way we communicate has changed.

Below, our Customer Director Andrew Bottomley shares his views on our video appointment service and how he thinks it could benefit customers, not just now, but in the future too.

Andrew Bottomley, Customer Director
Andrew Bottomley, Customer Director

We can still talk

If the last few weeks has taught me anything, it’s how quickly and drastically things can change in a really short space of time. But here we are, finding new and inventive ways of supporting our customers and keeping the business running. As it turns out, some of the ways we’re doing that aren’t actually new at all.

We’ve been offering a video appointment service for a couple of years now, but some of our customers are only just discovering it for the first time. Not only that – some of them prefer it too. Here’s what long-standing customer Dr Simon Cooper said about his first ‘Skipton Link’ video appointment, which he attended on his laptop from the comfort of his house.

Easy and Convenient

“I had a meeting booked in and when I discovered it couldn’t go ahead because of the lockdown situation, I was very disappointed. I hadn’t heard of Skipton Link, but I was persuaded to give it a try."

"I found the appointment with Andy (a Skipton financial adviser) worked perfectly. During the meeting he was able to display slides with information at the side of the screen to illustrate what he was talking about."

"For many years, advisers have come to our house, but we live in a rural place, which can make it difficult to have a meeting. It’s so much easier to schedule a Skipton Link appointment, and the video technology is such that you can exchange documents and see each other on screen. I would definitely recommend Skipton Link to other people. Obviously in these particular times, it’s very helpful. But in routine times, I’d recommend it too.”

Dr Simon Cooper, Skipton Financial Advice customer.

Final thoughts

Being able to get financial advice at a time when markets are extremely unpredictable can be really beneficial to people who want that expert reassurance. It can also be crucial for discussing and reviewing existing financial plans, especially in light of the current situation.

Skipton Link isn’t just for financial advice and investments either. We can help you review your savings or complete a mortgage application. It’s free to use, award-winning, and you can speak to us from the comfort of home or anywhere that’s convenient to you. I’d encourage any of our customers to give it a try.

Andrew Bottomley, Customer Director

Even though things are a bit different than usual, we’re still here to talk about your savings, mortgages and to offer financial advice. Find out more about our Skipton Link service.