9 ways you could benefit from home insurance

Let's be honest- there really is no place like home. And here's 9 ways you could benefit by getting the right home insurance to protect what's important.

1. In case you’re burgled

There’s always a possibility that your home will be burgled, even if you have great security. If you have buildings and contents insurance, your policy could pay for any damage caused during the break in and for the replacement of your personal possessions.

2. To cover against natural disasters

Nature can bring all sorts of severe weather and sometimes damage may be unavoidable. Whether it’s a flood caused severe rain, frozen pipes splitting or ridge tiles blown off the roof, it’s important that these things are repaired as quickly as possible and the right home insurance could help pay for it.

3. To pay for redecoration after a flood

It can be caused by a number of things - baths left running, blocked pipes and faulty cold water tanks... Whatever the cause, the damage to ceilings, the décor of your home and even its structure can be serious. To be on the safe side, it’s essential that flood damage is properly covered by your insurance.


Did you know?

Water damage is one of the most common reasons for people making a home insurance claim
- Legal & General claim statistics 2018.

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We’ve been looking after our customers by helping them own their own homes since 1853. Today we want to help protect their homes and that’s why we offer home insurance, provided by Legal & General.

Pauline Crawford, Home Insurance Product Manager

4. In case there's a fire in your home

Another serious risk to your home is fire. There are a number of possible causes including electrical faults, unattended candles, even accidents with your cooker. Just like a flood, the damage caused by a fire can be devastating and the restoration work required can be very expensive too.

5. To provide alternative accommodation if you need it

What if your home was so badly damaged you couldn’t live in it? Many comprehensive insurance policies will cover you for a few nights’ hotel accommodation after a serious incident, until you can make some longer term arrangements.

6. It might be a condition of your mortgage

Most mortgage providers make it a condition of the loan that you have buildings insurance in place. If you’re moving home or buying for the first time, it’s your responsibility to insure the property as soon as contracts have been exchanged.

7. To protect the value of your home

There’s a reason that mortgage providers want you to insure your home - to protect its value and this is equally important to you! Having insurance in place could help pay for repairs and replacements to maintain your home’s condition and therefore value, over the long term.

8. To provide legal support

Many home insurance policies either include, or have as an optional extra, legal cover up to a certain limit. This can prove useful if you have a dispute with a neighbour or are accused of being liable for an accident that’s occurred on your property. In fact, without it, you could possibly be looking at legal bills running into the £1000s.

9. For your peace of mind

And above all, knowing that you have the right insurance in place can give you that invaluable peace of mind that your home is covered against many of life’s mishaps.

To see how we can help to give you this reassurance, why not find out more about our home insurance today?

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