Legal Documents Care Package

At Skipton, our Legacy Planning services help you to think about and prepare for what you want for your loved ones.  Once you have made your wishes known, it is worth considering storing your Will and other legal documents in a safe and secure place with access when you need it.

As part of our Legacy Planning Service we provide safe and secure storage for your legal documents including your Will and Power of Attorney. They will be kept confidential with easy access to them should you need it.

In summary

Our Legal Documents Care Package is available to you if you have written a Will with us or through our Referral Service to Redstone Wills Ltd, and/or have a Power of Attorney in place through our Legacy services. It is provided by Skipton Trustees Ltd and administered by our Legacy partner Redstone Wills Limited. The service includes:

  • secure, confidential and fireproof storage of your Will and other legal documents such as Power of Attorneys;
  • priority document delivery service;
  • access to practical, emotional advice and support from professionals in event of serious illness or bereavement through our trusted partner, Red Arc Assured;
  • the opportunity to check, change and update your Will annually, with up to 3 simple changes free of charge; and
  • professional help to ensure updates are valid and documents remain legal.

Once you have put legacy plans in place, it is worthwhile considering how to keep your documents safe. That’s why a professional storage service is a safe option. Your Will for example is a confidential document which may not be appropriate for family and friends to gain access to, and if destroyed or lost may make it difficult or impossible to obtain Probate of the Will.

Your executors will also need to be able to get hold of the Will quickly and easily upon your death. Once you receive confirmation of your document care package account, you can pass on the details of this account to your executors, so they know who to contact to obtain your Will. If your Will is requested we provide a free priority delivery service meaning no time will be lost by your executors waiting for it, ensuring your wishes are carried out quickly and as you want them.

We understand that you may need support in place to help you if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness or dealing with bereavement. That’s why, included in our Legal Documents Care Package, we provide access to practical, emotional advice and support from trained professionals, should you need it.

Please see our Legacy Partnerships page for information on our serious illness and bereavement helpline partner, Red Arc Assured.

Things in our lives are always changing, such as moving home or a new child or grandchild. With this service you have the opportunity, should you wish, to make simple updates to your Will annually. Where you have more significant changes, this may mean you need a new Will or a different type of Will, which could incur a charge. We recommend that you come and see one of our advisers to discuss your needs. They can refer you to Redstone to update your will if needed.

Please see our Legal Documents Care Package leaflet for the terms and conditions and further details of what changes are covered.

It is extremely important that your Redstone Will is correctly signed and witnessed, as this could invalidate your Redstone Will if it isn’t. We offer a checking service through our Legal Documents Care Package.

When you sign your Will it is important that:

  • you and the witnesses all stay together and in each other’s presence while you and the witnesses are all signing.
  • everyone uses the same pen, which cannot be rubbed out.
  • the Will is dated and signed in the right places.
  • nothing has been pinned or stapled to the Will or any staples are removed e.g. in order to photocopy the Will.

In addition:

  • In England and Wales, anyone over the age of 18 can witness a Will as long as they or their spouse or partner do not benefit from the Will, either directly or indirectly. For example, your witnesses could be friends, neighbours or work colleagues;
  • In Scotland, anyone over the age of 16 can witness a Will as long as they or their spouse or partner do not benefit from the Will, either directly or indirectly. For example, your witnesses could be friends, neighbours or work colleagues;
  • In all cases, note that “benefit” would also include anyone whom the Will entitles to be paid in connection with administering your Estate.

Once you have taken the Legal Documents Care Package and your Will has been sent to Redstone, or if you have made an update, they will check that the Will has been signed and witnessed in the correct places. It is your responsibility to ensure the correct procedure has been followed.

Please note though that as part of the attestation process Redstone are unable to check:

  • That all the witnesses were present at the time of signing
  • That the witnesses are of the right age, although Redstone will collect the dates of birth on the Will, where the witnesses sign.

As such, it is important that these steps are always followed, as well as the others.

 Annual Fee (payable by Direct Debit only)

  • Single application - £34.80 (inc.VAT)
  • Joint application - £46.80 (inc.VAT)

Full terms and conditions can be found in the Legal Documents Care Package brochure opposite

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