Investing in uncertain times

We’ve been around since 1853, so we’re no stranger to an unpredictable economy and know how unnerving it can be when markets fluctuate and drop. We’ve also offered a financial advice service for 30 years and know that the way you react to changes can impact your investments. Here are a few things to consider before making any hasty decisions.

Don't panic

Riding out the storm can often be a better course of action than panic-selling your investments and potentially making a loss. History has shown us that global markets have a habit of bouncing back. So giving them time to recover could be more beneficial for the long-term goals you originally set.

Time – rather than timing – is the key to a successful investing strategy

Don't follow the herd

Joining the herd might be tempting if you think everyone knows something you don’t. But investing should be about what’s right for you and your unique circumstances. Try not to be influenced by what’s happening in the media and how others are reacting.

Take the long-term view

Market fluctuations are an inevitable part of investing, and over time the value of your investments could rise as well as fall. That’s why investing is a long-term strategy and our financial advisers will usually recommend that you to invest for a minimum of five years. If you’d like to talk to someone about your investments, you can speak to one of our financial advisers.

How to be a rational investor

  • Take your time before making a decision rather than react to your initial emotions.
  • Understand that market fluctuations are a normal part of investing.
  • Try not to be tempted to constantly check your portfolio – you’re investing for the long term.
  • Stay focused on your personal long-term financial goals. Not the short-term blips.
  • Your financial adviser is here to help. Talk to them if you have any concerns about the performance of your investments.

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Important information

Stock market-based investments are not like building society savings accounts as your capital is at risk and you may get back less than you invested. The value of your investments and any income from them may fall as well as rise.

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