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The world has changed over recent months, but what remains the same is our commitment to helping you with your plans. If you have arranged investments and pensions with our advice, you might have questions about the recent market volatility.

In line with the government guidelines, the majority of our financial advisers and head office teams are working from home. But we're here to support you. Please see our latest frequently asked questions.

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When it comes to the long-term planning needs of our customers, there’s a few important principles we stick to.

The first is reminding you to keep focused on why you invested in the first place – especially when times get tough. Think about those future ambitions that originally drove you to invest or save. With those goals in mind, it’s important to stick to any plans you have.

Our focus is always on finding the right investment solutions for you. The advice you originally received from your financial adviser was carefully thought out. Including the suitability of the products we recommended to you.

We always look for funds and products provided by proven businesses with strong reputations.

Investing could be rewarding. But it does need a long-term mindset of at least five years. Along the way, there will be times like now when markets fall.

These steep falls can be unnerving to just sit back and watch. But it’s important to remember that short-term uncertainty is sometimes part of the investment journey.

Take a look at the below table – these are the last three significant market falls to occur, along with the recovery that followed.

Peaks and troughs in the UK All Companies Investment Sector (total return including dividends)

Year Event Drop from peak Gain five years after trough
1990 Iraq invades Kuwait -12.4% 94.9%
2001 9/11 -13.4% 64.8%
2008* Lehman Brothers bankruptcy -29.4% 125.8%

As you can see, in the five years that followed these low points, markets had fully recovered and gone on to produce strong gains. Of course, past performance is not a guide to future returns – the economic and market conditions experienced in the past may not be repeated in the future.

However, the above table highlights the importance of holding on to those financial goals, even when markets are falling. Historically, many of the stock market’s best periods have tended to follow some of the worst days.

By using our secure Online Valuation Service, you can easily get a single view of your investments. Go to our Investments login page and follow the options. If you need any support, call our Premier Service Team on 0800 085 0459, between the hours of 9am-5pm.

There really is no predicting what the next few months will bring. And if you have investments, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. But it’s at times like this that it’s important to really keep your focus on the long-term goals. If your plans have recently changed we are more than happy to help, please get in touch.

We are still producing your quarterly reports as usual – which includes speaking directly with fund providers, to hear their views. You will also receive informative email updates with the latest market developments. If you’ve not already signed up, call 0800 085 0459, for more information.

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