Skipton Insight Podcast – what could a vaccine mean for markets?

In this edition of the Skipton Insight Podcast, our host Olivia Charlesworth catches up with Skipton’s in-house experts, Ben Smith, Kathryn Hargrave and Kieran Ellis. After what’s been a challenging year for many of us, the team turn their attentions to 2021.

The big vaccine news takes centre stage, as they look at what a potential vaccine for Covid-19 might mean for markets and the economy.

They also discuss what course markets may take in 2021. We’re hopeful there is light at the end of what’s been a long tunnel, but of course this depends on several factors.

Finally, after a year of record amounts of government spending to try and stem the economic impact of the coronavirus, they discuss the recent rumours circulating around changes to potential tax policies such as capital gains tax, and what this might mean for you as an investor.

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