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Listening to customers and acting on feedback is all in a day’s work to help you get the best possible experience.

Every time you interact with us, whether it’s in branch, on our website or using our app, you might have an opinion on how well it worked or how it made you feel. Our Customer Journey colleagues put themselves in your shoes to see for themselves what works well and what might need some work.

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Your feedback matters

So far this year, our Customer Journey team have reviewed 1,600 customer comments.

Established in 2014

Our Customer Journey team was created in 2014, to improve your customer experience.

Improving your experience

In 2019, 174 customer journey improvements were made for our customers.

Team Interview

We spoke to Pam and Alan in the team to find out what a typical day looks like.

What does the team do?

"We map the customer journey to find out how our customers interact with Skipton and the feelings and emotions they experience throughout each step. It allows us to identify improvements in the customer journey.

"We work with many other teams at Skipton. For example, the Mortgage and Savings change team, which looks for the best ways to put the customers first when making improvements to systems.

"It’s essential to understand that all customers are different and the steps within a customer journey are different too - customers don’t necessarily take them in the same order. Once we understand all the steps, we can research each journey and look for ways to make it better."

What do you enjoy most about your roles?

"We enjoy being the voice of the customer and bringing people together to iron out problem areas and help shape improved journeys for the future."

What’s the most challenging part of your roles?

"You can’t change everything! We are continually reviewing different journeys and adding new changes as existing ones are delivered. Customer expectations and demands are ever-changing, so we need to make sure we adapt to them."

What is the most recent change you have made and how did this impact customers?

"We recently improved the journey for opening a savings account, making it quicker and more streamlined, on the back of what our customers and colleagues said.

"We’ve just made some improvements for the mortgage brokers we work with too, by introducing a new change to our systems, which means we no longer require a signed form from our brokers and customers, which saves a lot of time on the house-buying process."

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