Meet the Skipton app team

It’s hard to imagine a world without apps. And it’s easy to take them for granted. But the work doesn’t stop once an app’s been created. Regular updates and constant improvements are just the tip of the iceberg for Skipton’s app team.

Let's take a closer look:

  • Our app launched in July 2019
  • Servicetick results show 90% of customers who use our app are 'very/extremely satisfied' (based on 4109 customers who responded between 2 January 2019 and 26 July 2021)
  • From January - July 2021, over 60% of all online transactions were made via the app.

What are you working on right now and why?

“We’re really excited to be working on giving our customers the ability to open a new savings account within the app. We think customers will love the simplicity and convenience it offers.”
Rachel Beard, Digital User Experience Analyst

“Right this second, I'm working on some updates to the security of our Android app to make it even more secure than it already is.”
Chris Critchley, Software Engineer

Best thing about working on an app?

“Everything is new and exciting!”
Tom Greenwood, Digital User Acceptance Testing Specialist

“Definitely our team. In a short period of time, we've come a long way and we’re really hitting our stride. Go team!”
Sophie Stubbs, App Delivery Lead

“The fact we’re delivering a change to the app - all done by our in-house team - is really positive and shows how much ambition we have to deliver beneficial changes to our customers.”
Craig Wilmot, Senior System Tester

There must be some challenges?

“We’re all learning together, which means there are a few challenges we don't always have an immediate answer to.”
Danny Payne, Digital Design Lead

“When the app team first formed, we all had different levels of experience in Agile methodology, which can be full of jargon. So, it was important we were all speaking the same language.”
Rachel Beard, Digital User Experience Analyst

“Juggling what to deliver first, which is a nice challenge to have.”
Rich Calvert, Product Owner, Savings

“I live in the future, about 12 hours ahead in New Zealand, so a live conversation is hard to achieve with UK based people!"
James Burnby, Software Engineer

Sum up your team in three words

“Diverse. Knowledgeable. United”

“Supportive. Resilient. Customer-centric.”

“Collaborative. Enthusiastic. Fun.”

Any final thoughts?

“I’m really proud of how far the app has come since we delivered the original release and how we’ve brought the development in-house and created a new team to deliver changes to improve things for customers. I’m really excited to see what new features we might introduce to the app in the future.”
Craig Wilmot, Senior System Tester

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