Lockdown stories from Skipton

We’ve been around since 1853, so we’re used to getting through tough situations.

This time around that’s meant getting 90 per cent of our head office colleagues in Skipton, and some of our branch-based colleagues, set up to work from home at really short notice. We asked how they were getting on.

David Cutter

David Cutter, Chief Executive

"It goes without saying that we’re in unusual times. The world is having to change and adapt around us as people get used to the idea of spending more time apart. Like most businesses, we’ve made some changes because of COVID-19. But we’ve stood strong since 1853 and I’m confident we’ll get through this and good times will come again.

I’m really proud of how our colleagues have adapted to the challenge of these new ways of working and are still delivering a great service to our loyal customers. We’re adapting each and every day but we’re still here to support people. From speaking to customers face to face over our Skipton Link video service, to offering payment holidays (deferrals) for mortgages, we’re helping people manage their money from the comfort of their own home.

On a personal note, I’ve been working from home most days, and I miss being able to chat to colleagues at head office and quickly find out how we’re doing. The days are long but I feel positive about the work we’re doing to look after our customers’ money. When I’m not working, I’m finding more time to spend with the dog, get in shape and catch up with friends over Skype. I’m thinking about family who aren’t at home, like everyone else is, but technology is closing the distance.

This won’t last forever but for now, take care of yourself and your loved ones."

Isolation togetherness

Richard, Operations

“Having video calls with colleagues has brought us closer together as friends.

Like a lot of the population, loneliness has been a real challenge. But everyone supporting each other through text and video calls has had a massive positive impact on me.”

Helen, Marketing

“I miss the hustle and bustle of the office and the lovely people I work with. I’m more disciplined than I thought I would be too.

I’m managing to stay out of the fridge. I’ve found that going for a walk at lunchtime is a good way to reset, and I love the new ways we’re finding to communicate.”

Caroline, Skipton Direct

“I thought I’d struggle to motivate myself working alone, however, my team has a WhatsApp group and we Skype twice a day.

Customers appreciate our attempts to have their best interests in mind too. And I never realised how many coffees I bought at work until the transactions were missing from my mobile banking!”

Matthew, Branch Communications

“My wife works on a critical care ward at Leeds General Infirmary, so I feel fortunate that I can do my job from home while staying safe and protecting the NHS.

I’m proud to work for an organisation that’s so supportive of its colleagues, whilst remaining open to serve customers.”

The new normal

Leanne, Financial Adviser

I usually work one day a week from home, so have a good set up in the spare room. I realised early on that I just had to change mindset and accept that this is the new norm.

I’ve become comfortable with our video conference service - Skipton Link. It’s good for discussion points you wouldn’t have in branch.

One of my customers had the same wallpaper as me, so it was a good talking point!”

Karen, Events

“All meetings and events have been cancelled, so I’m currently working in a branch to help keep it open and have such respect for our branch colleagues.

I also have regular catch-ups with the society's internal communications team, which is doing an excellent job of keeping the whole business connected. Never again will I take my commute for granted!”

Maitham, Savings and Partnership Products

“I’ve never had to worry about my two-year-old bursting in during a video presentation before! That’s a new one.

The biggest challenge is to remember to shut the laptop down at the end of the day and get into daddy mode, as the home environment and work environment have almost merged into one over the past few weeks.”

Sarah, Branch Manager

“It took me a few days to get into a routine, but now I’ve got a good system in place and keep in regular contact with my branch team. I was worried about being out of the loop at first, but video conferencing has really helped and it’s much better being able to see everyone’s faces.

We’ve also set up a WhatsApp group, so we can keep in contact outside work.”

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